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Gin is so hot right now. Enjoyed the world over since the middle ages, the juniper-based spirit has come a long way from being a purely medicinal elixir in its Dutch origins in the 1600s and “Mother’s Ruin” to neglectful housewives in the 18th Century.

With botanicals once developed to mask the hard nature of boot-leg, or “bathtub” gin, they are now finely nuanced flavour blends formulated world-wide with myriad distillers – both established and emerging distillers continually bringing new varieties onto the market – with sales of gin the world over experiencing stratospheric rises.

The blossoming Australian gin industry is leading the pack in both flavour and production from over 100 distilleries when as little as five years ago there were fewer than 10. “It’s almost impossible to keep count because there’s literally a new distillery popping up every couple of weeks,” Australian Distillers Association’s Stuart Gregor told abc.com.au. “We could potentially, in 20 or 30 years, flip the whole industry on its head and we could actually be the world leaders in gin production,” Gregor says.

“London is only the leader in gin because they’ve had a 300-year head start on us.”

Stuart Gregor, Australian Distillers Association

With so many new gins on the market, where do you start and how can you tell which one you’ll enjoy drinking? Do you prefer to drink it straight, mix it in your favourite cocktail or in a classic gin and tonic?

Moreover, which one will bring out the best in your personality?! Are you a leader or a follower? The one to whom everyone turns to set the tone of a gathering, or someone relied upon to keep things going all night and see everyone home safe?

Rest easy and read on to answer all the questions you didn’t even know you had about gin.

1. The Life of the Party – 78 Degrees Gin 

You’re the top of everyone’s guest list, and no soirée would be the same without your moves or energy. Get your next party started with this delectable gin that is sure to impress.

About: Produced in small batches utilising grape spirit, the 78 Degrees Gin is a complex and savoury gin with 12 botanicals, selected specifically for their purity and quality.

Tasting Notes: 78 Degrees is pungently aromatic and displaying resinous, citrus and floral notes with underlying spice.

Serving suggestion: Best served with Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic Water and garnished with a lemon twist.

Availability: Available from BWS nationally and independent retailers for RRP $80.00.


2. The Eco Warrior – Green Ant Gin 

Are you the environmental activist amongst your friends? Try your hand with this zesty gin made using real Green Ants sourced from the Northern Territory.

About: A collaboration between Adelaide Hills Distillery and Something Wild Beverage Company, the two premium drink pioneers wanted to raise awareness of how native Australian ingredients are sourced. Traditionally favoured by Indigenous societies for their medicinal benefits and protein content, Green Ants are hand harvested in the Northern Territory by the Motlop family of the Larrakia people and display vibrant flavours of Lime and Coriander.

Tasting notes: Coriander and lime-like acidity, juniper, citrus with floral notes, strawberries, lemon myrtle and spicey notes.

Serving suggestion: ‘Green Ant Gimlet’ cocktail with finger lime juice and lemon myrtle infused sugar syrup.

Availability: Available from Dan Murphy’s nationally and independent retailers RRP $99.00.


3. The Adrenaline Junkie – Opihr Oriental Spiced London Dry Gin

Always on the road, exploring waterfalls or spending the weekend hiking mountains? If you are spontaneous, enthusiastic and life is never boring, then Opihr’s spiced gin is perfect for you.

About: Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin is a unique style of London Dry Gin created by the Master Gin Distiller at the world’s oldest gin distillers, using exotic botanicals, herbs and spices.

Tasting Notes: Opihr is distilled with cardamom, grapefruit, cumin, ginger, orange and cubeb.

Serving suggestion: Best served with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water with a slice of orange or ginger.

Availability: Available from BWS nationally for RRP $60.00.

4. The Promoter – Hayman’s London Dry Gin

With a healthy appetite for the finer things in life, the promoter is extremely sophisticated, charming and confident. Delight your friends at the next social occasion with a classic English martini tipple.  

Tasting Notes: Hayman’s London Dry Gin is a fresh and classically balanced gin with crisp citrus, subtle notes of exotic spice and the remarkable depth and complexity traditionally associated with the London Dry style.

Serving suggestion: True English Gin Martini.

Availability: Available from Dan Murphy’s nationally and independent retailers for RRP $65.00.

5. The Entrepreneur – Scapegrace Dry Gin

Smart, energetic and perceptive of people. The Entrepreneur is driven by kicking goals at work and in their personal life. However, The Entrepreneur also knows how to relax and let their wild side out with New Zealand’s finest, Scapegrace. 

Tasting Notes: Scapegrace Dry Gin uses 12 botanicals including juniper, coriander, nutmeg, cardamom, lemon peel, orange peel, orris, cinnamon, cassia, angelica, clove and liquorice.

Serving suggestion: ‘The Herbalist’ cocktail with fresh lime juice, roses lime marmalade and splash of soda.

Availability: Available from Dan Murphy’s nationally for RRP $85.00.

Which one are you? Cheers!

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