EP 17 (part 1): Why you will love Hawkesbury River school prawns

Discover the fascinating process of prawn trawling with Cooks Co-op chef Martin Boetz and Lower Portland fisherman Gary Howard
Cath Muscat

EPISODE 17 (part 1):

Kicking off from the banks of the Hawkesbury River at Lower Portland, NSW, long-time fisherman Gary Howard takes Cooks Co-op chef Martin Boetz on an early morning expedition to trawl for school prawns. In this episode, you’ll see how prawns are caught, ready for supplying the bait and fresh-food market. You’ll also hear about the history and health of this fishery region – only 90-minutes from the CBD of Sydney. Watch out for part 2, when Marty shows you one of his favourite ways to cook these sweet-tasting delicacies.

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