The ultimate winter dessert recipes for when the temp drops

Take your pick for tonight's comfort food.

If there’s ever a time to go all out with dessert, winter is it. The cooler weather makes us crave comforting, sweet, hot desserts that warm us from the inside out. We’ll often have something hearty like a stew, soup or slow-cooked dinner and it’s the best feeling when you can follow it up with something sweet and indulgent.

What are some easy winter desserts?

Think fruit pies with apples, pears, cherries and berries which never fail to please when served with a dollop of cream. Crumbles are one of the best winter desserts too, as are self-saucing puddings with a side of custard. On a really chilly night, a hot cinnamon chocolate scroll goes down a treat with a mug of thick hot chocolate as you tuck yourself into some cosy bed sheets.

Try these delicious, warming winter dessert recipes…

Dulche de leche and chocolate peanut butter pudding

This recipe, created by chef Louise Franc for her 2016 book Low & Slow: Comfort Food for Cold Nights, combines the moreish flavours of dulce de leche and peanut butter to make this a truly memorable pudding.

Get the recipe for dulche de leche and chocolate peanut butter pudding.

Dulche de leche and chocolate peanut butter pudding
(Credit: Photography: Chris Middleton from ‘Low & Slow’)

Pink lady apple and cherry pie

This sweet pink lady apple and cherry pie uses frozen cherries, so it’s a recipe that can be enjoyed all year round (and not just at Christmas). Cinnamon gives this hot dessert filling a delicate aroma and will warm your heart, even on the coldest winter evening.

Get the recipe for pink lady apple and cherry pie.

pink lady apple and cherry pie
(Credit: Photography: Nicky Ryan)

Self-saucing orange pudding

A sweet citrus twist on a rustic classic, use seasonal oranges in winter for this enticing baked dessert. Add cream for extra goodness.

Get the recipe for self-saucing orange pudding.

self saucing orange pudding
(Credit: Photography: Cath Muscat / Styling: John Mangila)

Brown butter apple and Anzac biscuit-inspired crisp

In this aromatic and comforting brown butter apple and pecan crisp recipe, two Australian culinary icons – Granny Smith apples and Anzac biscuits – come together with mouth-watering results in this queen of all winter desserts. 

Get the recipe for brown butter apple and Anzac biscuit-inspired crisp.

brown butter apple and Anzac biscuit-inspired crisp

Chocolate cinnamon scrolls

These rolls of crispy, buttery pastry are layered with cinnamon and chocolate. Serve this hot dessert with a cup of tea.

Get the recipe for chocolate cinnamon scrolls.

chocolate cinnamon scrolls
(Credit: Photography: Mikkel Vang / Styling: Lisa Featherby)

Traditional Portuguese tarts

One of those firm favourite, take-anywhere winter desserts that is perfect for a picnic, celebration or high tea. Master this simple recipe for delectable custard tarts for a sweet treat any time, anywhere. 

Get the recipe for traditional Portuguese tarts.

Portuguese tarts
(Credit: Photography: Cath Muscat)

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