Trend forecast: Bold new world

Vibrant colour and historic forms are reimagined with a nod to the increasing influence of the East on the design stage
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Intense colour engulfs each contrasting shape and style to introduce a sense of cohesion. Formal lines are leavened with soft, plush fabrics such as velvet, and buttoned finishes that soothe and invite. Bold red is an unsurprising inclusion, given its positive symbolism in Chinese culture, and is interlaced with jewel-bright sapphire, violet and jade in similarly saturated tones.


Decadent and deep, palettes use darker contrasts and portray a sense of strength. Rich hues can create a moody essence and individualise a space with a dramatic feel. There is a sense of history and age; pieces have a real worn quality to them and, when mixed with luxurious textures, create an opulent style that is both beautiful and arresting.

Wall colour: Passionate Blue, Dulux (Credit: Chris Warnes)

Sumptuous fabrics such as delicious velvet combine with the whisper of silk to deliver an atmosphere of brooding elegance and intensity. Traditional patterns re-emerge, sometimes reworked for the digital age in bold colour.

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