Before & after: Josh and Jenna’s Rutherglen Homestead revival

A complete timeline of Josh and Jenna's epic country home renovation.
Dulux Colour Forecast 2023 | Photographer: Eve Wilson | Styling: Josh and Jenna Densten

It takes equal measures of ample renovating experience and unbridled optimism to stand before a house that’s missing a roof and say: “Structurally the home was in excellent condition,” but that’s exactly what professional renovators Josh and Jenna Densten did when they first laid eyes on the dilapidated homestead that was to become their new home in Rutherglen, VIC. 

But anyone who has been a fan of Josh and Jenna since they first appeared, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, as contestants on The Block in 2011, would know that they have a knack for seeing potential in houses that no one else would dare to touch. 

Professional renovators Josh and Jenna Densten with their children in a hallway of a heritage home in Rutherglen, VIC.
Josh and Jenna with their daughters Fred and Story in the hallway of ‘The Castle’ prior to renovations. (Credit: Photographer: Sophie Marsh)

Take their former home, Canning Cottage in inner-Melbourne, which eventually went on to win ‘Best Residential Design’ at the Australian Interior Design Awards in 2018. Before the pair worked their magic on that property, it was nothing but a tiny, badly updated, heritage-listed house with a shonky rear extension.

The move: From inner-Melbourne to regional Victoria

Canning Cottage was always supposed to be the family’s forever home, but in late 2021, after months of lockdowns and separation from family, Josh and Jenna began entertaining the idea of going back to their roots and moving to the country. 

Josh and Jenna with their family outside of their award-winning Melbourne home.
Josh and Jenna outside of their former home, an award-winning cottage in inner-Melbourne. (Credit: @joshandjenna via Instagram)

“We didn’t have a support network and the things we once loved about city life had really lost meaning,” says Jenna. That was when Josh spotted the Rutherglen homestead for sale on Facebook Marketplace. “We were first drawn to the property and from there we fell in love with the historic wine region, the food, the people and the beauty,” says Jenna.

Here, we track the renovation of their Rutherglen home, which was nicknamed ‘The Castle’ by the couple’s daughter Fred. “When we first drove up to the property, it had two tall brick chimneys sticking up into the air, with no roof! Its also perched up on a hill overlooking Rutherglen, so it had the presence of a castle,” says Jenna.

Josh and Jenna’s Rutherglen home renovation so far

Phase one: The ‘Shouse’

Josh and Jenna, who operate Plan Proofing, a design and renovation consulting service, knew that time was of the essence. They submitted their plans, permits and trades for the home during the settlement period. “By the time we moved up [to Rutherglen] things were moving fast!” says Jenna. 

Because the home wasn’t in liveable condition, however, the family first needed to take up residence in a large shed on the property, which Josh and Jenna also transformed into a gorgeous family home. 

Neutral and floral living room inside Josh and Jenna's shed house in Rutherglen, VIC.
(Credit: @joshandjenna via Instagram)

“Shed life won’t be so bad. We’ve definitely lived in worse!” wrote Jenna on Instagram when they moved into the shed house in December 2021.

Phase two: The Castle house restoration

By November 2022, renovations of The Castle were well underway. “We are making great progress on the old home,” says Jenna before shooting off a list of all the jobs they’d already managed to tick off their to-do list: “We currently have a brand new shiny galvanised iron roof and bullnose verandah, all new timber double-glazed windows, internal base flooring down and the decking is starting this week!” 

Exterior of Josh and Jenna's Rutherglen homestead, featuring a brand new roofing and a bullnose verandah.
(Credit: @joshandjenna via Instagram)

Jenna says one of the reasons they were able to progress with the updates so quickly is because the home was in such great structural condition. 

“Someone knew how to build back in the late 1800s. We had to rip up old floorboards as they rotten and damaged in areas. Lucky for us, the sub floor was all red gum which was in as good condition as the day it was laid.”

The family had also adjusted to country living, with gusto. “The space we have here is really freeing. The chickens, our family, the vegie gardens and the shed parties have really filled our cup back up,” says Jenna.

Jenna Densten in the vegetable garden of her Rutherglen home, holding a chicken.
(Credit: @joshandjenna via Instagram)

Guest bedroom

In May 2023, the couple unveiled their first completed room: the guest bedroom. “My vision for this room was to create a whimsical and nostalgic guest bedroom with the view to become Story’s [the couple’s daughter] bedroom when the time is right,” wrote Jenna on Instagram.

“We incorporated a mix of old and new with whimsical wallpaper and soft green joinery. I wanted this room to feel cosy, layered and have a sense of history.” 

Guest bedroom with floral wallpaper in a restored country homestead.
The cosy guest bedroom will eventually become Story’s own room. (Credit: Photographer: Sini Louhela via @joshandjenna Instagram)

Girls’ bedroom

Then in July 2023, the couple revealed Fred and Story’s shared bedroom. “The inspiration behind the colour palette was not just Freddie’s favourite colour, pink, but also the history of the home,” says Jenna, referring to the home’s original painted-brick exterior. 

“Vintage elements collected over years add a unique and curated aspect to the bedroom that creates a sense of nostalgia,” say Josh and Jenna of the girls’ bedroom. (Credit: Dulux Colour Forecast 2023 | Photographer: Eve Wilson | Styling: Josh and Jenna Densten)

The couple colour-drenched the room in Dulux Mornington, to create the room’s whimsical, warm atmosphere. “We love that the wall colour matches the skirting, it allows the generous space and fit out of the room to shine,” says Jenna.

“The soft pastel pink and green shades, such as Dulux Mornington and Dulux Green Alabaster Half, became accentuated when complemented against the neutrals including Dulux Casper White Quarter and Dulux Terrace White,” say Josh and Jenna of the girls’ room’s colour palette. (Credit: Dulux Colour Forecast 2023 | Photographer: Eve Wilson | Styling: Josh and Jenna Densten)

Rumpus room

Next was a multi-functional and family friendly space: the rumpus room. This room was also colour-drenched, this time in a serene shade of green, Dulux Paris Creek. 

“It will be a place to play, gather, relax and enjoy,” the couple wrote on Instagram. “The very purpose of this room is to create a cosy and comfortable breakaway zone from the main living areas of the home.”

To maximise room and pack in as much storage as possible, the couple chose to include a mix of both built-in joinery and loose furniture.

Living room and rumpus room painted in a warm green shade.
Dulux Paris Creek was selected to create a calming atmosphere in the rumpus room. (Credit: @joshandjenna via Instagram)


In October 2023, the couple unveiled their newly renovated hallway. “Here’s the hallway progress to date after a HUGE weekend of renovations,” the couple wrote on Instagram. The simply styled hallway features an understated, neutral colour palette and and brand new floor from Form Flooring.

Before: The original hallway was badly weathered, exposed to the elements for years. (Image: @joshandjenna via Instagram)
After: The renovated hallway at Josh and Jenna’s Rutherglen home. (Image: @joshandjenna via Instagram)

While most of Josh and Jenna’s followers were amazed by the complete transformation, other eagle-eyed fans spotted a key detail missing: the original leadlight windows surrounding the door. “The stained glass was broken and not energy efficient so we’ve replaced it with double glazing,” wrote Jenna in response to the comments. “For us, every efficiency is everything. One day we will get it replicated in double-glazed,” she said.

While it would be wonderful to see every original detail restored, if you’ve ever renovated a heritage home, you’ll understand the challenge. Supportive followers praised Josh and Jenna for reviving a home that was in complete disrepair. “You’ve made this roofless structure … into a home,” wrote photographer Sophie Marsh.

Phase three: The Extension

Jenna says she likes to think about the renovation having three distinct phases: the heritage home restoration, the landscaping and the extension. The modern wing of the home which juts out from the home’s rear was designed to maximise natural light and take advantage of the property’s glorious views. The extension contains the open plan living room, kitchen and dining area.

Uncompleted extension of Josh and Jenna's Rutherglen home.
The home’s rear extension reached lock-up stage in July 2023. (Credit: @joshandjenna via Instagram)

Kitchen, living and dining room

Josh and Jenna unveiled the completion of the living, kitchen and dining room in November 2023. “Our extension is designed to be just right for our family—big enough for fun but not too much to handle. Easy maintenance, durability, and a connection to the outdoors were non-negotiables for us,” wrote Jenna.

Jenna says the key to achieving a harmonious open-plan space is to stick to a colour palette which helps to create cohesion between each distinct zone. “We aimed for a colour palette that compliments the landscape,” says Jenna. “Earthy neutrals throughout was our choice.”

Let’s take a closer look at each zone to find out how Josh and Jenna created a dreamy and durable family-friendly open-plan living space while sticking to their budget.


When planning their kitchen renovation, Josh and Jenna were stunned at how much trade prices had increased – meaning they needed to work smarter within their original budget. “Dealing with high trade prices led us to learn new skills for DIY work,” says Josh, who recommends that anyone planning a kitchen renovation should get as many quotes as possible. “Labour and material prices have risen significantly and budgets may need adjustment compared to previous expectations. We saved by handling carpentry, plumbing and painting ourselves.”

“Balancing renovating and parenting two kids was also challenging,” says Jenna. “We had to take it in turns to renovate and parent! Not sure which job was harder!”

Jenna Densten standing in her modern farmhouse kitchen featuring a timber, neutral and soft green colour palette.
When designing their kitchen, Josh and Jenna opted for easy care finishes that would stand up to family life on a farm. The floors are paved in Seaforth travertine-look tiles from TileCloud. (Credit: Photography: Sini Louhela via Electrolux)

Josh and Jenna’s kids also inspired them to ensure every detail in the kitchen – from the floor up – is durable, easy to maintain and up to the demands of daily life on a farm. Tile throughout was a no-brainer. “It’s durable, especially in high-traffic zones like the island bench and entry. It also provides a cool feel in summer and supports underfloor heating in winter,” says Jenna.

Other neat design features include an Electrolux induction cooktop that syncs with the rangehood and adjusts the speed of the fan according to the heat level selected on the cooktop.

Contemporary, neutral open plan kitchen designed by Josh and Jenna Densten.
The couple went for a neutral, contemporary colour scheme in the modern extension to differentiate from the original sections of the homestead. The VJ panelling is painted in Dulux ‘Pale Tendril’. (Photography: Sini Louhela via @joshandjenna on Instagram) (Credit: Photography: Sini Louhela via @joshandjenna on Instagram)

Practicality was the driving force behind the kitchen’s design, says Jenna. “Speciality tapware like filter taps, pot fillers and taps with instant boiling and chilling functions,” were at the top of the couple’s list of must-haves.

Now that the room is complete, Jenna says she’s so glad she installed two ovens. “It’s a luxury and allows us to cook dinner and dessert simultaneously.”

“Capture every item in your kitchen renovation budget: appliances, joinery, plumbing, electrical, fixtures, carpentry, painting, heating/cooling and tiling,” say Josh and Jenna. Doing so will allow you to avoid any surprise costs that may pop up during a renovation.

Josh and Jenna’s kitchen renovation budget tip

Living and dining room

The warm, neutral colour palette flows through to the living and dining areas. To bring texture and interest to the living area, the couple used timber ‘Arava’ floorboards by @terramaterfloors to create a feature wall.

Neutral, open plan kitchen, dining and living room designed by Josh and Jenna Densten.
(Credit: Photography: Sini Louhela via @joshandjenna on Instagram)


It’s rare to find a farmhouse laundry you can genuinely describe as calming, but somehow Josh and Jenna have managed to do it! The same earthy neutrals give the space a connection to the adjoining kitchen and butler’s pantry but clever joinery and deep cabinetry conceal the room’s genius inner-workings.

“Our girls explore and play freely,” says Jenna, who encourages the kids to enjoy a free-range lifestyle on the farm. “But as many parents will know, playing outside leads to delightful laundry challenges!” Jenna says selecting a washer and dryer with smart sensors makes wash day a breeze.

The couple also prioritised bench-space for treating, sorting and folding washing and a deep sink that will serve double duty as the fresh fruit and vegie washing station for goodies gathered straight from the kitchen garden.

Modern farmhouse laundry with timber joinery and beige floor and backsplash tiles.
Josh and Jenna’s laundry radiates warmth, thanks to timber wall paneling and joinery in ‘Boston Oak’ by Polytec. The couple ensured that the laundry bench was deep enough to accommodate a pair of Electrolux washer and dryers. (Credit: Photography: Sini Louhela via Electrolux)

What’s next?

Josh and Jenna have grand plans for the home’s exterior. “This property is about the exterior, more so than the interior,” says Jenna. 

“We plan to utilise the land to nurture fruit, vegetables, animals and flowers.” They’ve even called upon landscape designer Phillip Withers to help create an “epic landscaping plan” that will complete the home’s incredible transformation. 

Exterior of Josh and Jenna's unrenovated homestead in Rutherglen, VIC. The house doesn't have a roof.Exterior of Josh and Jenna's renovated homestead in Rutherglen Vic with new roof and verandah.
What a difference two years makes! Josh and Jenna posted these before and after pics of their homestead ahead of their next project: landscaping. (Image: @joshandjenna via Instagram).

Josh and Jenna Densten are documenting the renovation of their Rutherglen home via Instagram @joshandjenna and YouTube.

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