2017 Trend Forecast: Botanica

The velvet soft texture of petals is reimagined in lush fabrics and soft shapes, in a vibrant trend set to softly but not subtly take on interiors
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Engaging historical influences, such as botanical specimen charts and the rich paintings of old-world masters, then reinvigorating them with saturated colour and modern printing techniques, sees florals heading in a vibrant, overscaled direction. Jewel-like colours in shades of cobalt, magenta, aquamarine, coral and gold are the anchoring hues and are accented with cool pastels to deliver a romantically robust statement. The velvet-soft texture of flower petals is reimagined in the choice of lush velvet, silk and embroidered fabrics.


Vibrant, overscale blooms take centrestage. (Credit: Chris Warnes)

Rich, ripe colours drawn from nature and luxe textures reference the past, as well as embrace the future in grand digitally printed glory. 

“These florals are large and commanding, almost to the point where you feel like you’re nestled in a bed of flowers”

John Mangila, stylist

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