The Home Beautiful 2023 Style Forecast

The hottest new decorating trends of tomorrow.
Alana Landsberry

Sometimes a design trend emerges quickly, as a knee-jerk reaction to how we live or what’s going on in the world. Other times, it’s a gentle swing of the pendulum, away from an existing trend and towards the opposite. In this year’s edition of the Home Beautiful design and style special, our trend team is thrilled to showcase the most popular looks to come in 2023, each one a feast for the eyes and easy to adapt into any home. 

From the abundance of ‘En Masse’ which is a stunning more-is-more contrast to the pared-back interiors of the past few years, to the luxurious calm of ‘Escape to the Country’, each look is filled with personality and character. One thing that they all have in common is their focus on the decorative. For those of us who prefer a simpler palette, ‘Chinoiserie Chic’ plays with one of the most timeless colour combinations of all time: blue and white.

Welcome to the 2023 Style Forecast! 

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trend forecast 2023 living room bench seat artwork
(Credit: Fiona Galbraith)

The hottest interiors looks for 2023 are right here. Read on for ideas and advice on how to make these trends work for your own home, whether you’re redecorating from scratch or adding a subtle flourish.

Trend 1: Enmasse

Literally translating to “in a group”, repetition and curation are key here. Take the decor you love – and love it hard. Gather candles for a brilliant display of romantic, moody lighting. Allow books to overflow on to floors and stools. Mount your favourite artworks together, evoking the busy walls of a chic Parisian salon.

trend forecast 2023 enmasse kitchen island food bounty
(Credit: Fiona Galbraith)

Glorious food
When it comes to the theme of abundance, what could make a home feel more alive than colourful, aromatic fresh produce? “Display fruit and vegetables such as lemons and lettuces in beautiful pedestal bowls,” suggests Katrina Yaxley, Home Beautiful Creative director. “Group oversized foliage in large, textured vases to bring joy and life to any room.”

2023 trend forecast enmasse living room
(Credit: Fiona Galbraith)

“For those fortunate to have green views, sheer curtains are ideal”

Vera Meharg, Luxaflex Window Fashions

Cushioned space 

Lean in to feelings of comfort and cosiness with the ultimate interior scheme softener: cushions. This will help you feel cocooned by soft fabrics and gorgeous hues.

trend forcast 2023 enmasse florals
(Credit: Fiona Galbraith)

Trend 2: Chinoiserie chic

This is one of the easiest looks to recreate because it features the most timeless colour palette of all: crisp whites and tranquil blues. “Chinoiserie designs date back centuries and this is a revived and renewed incarnation,” says Elle Lovelock, editor-in-chief of Home Beautiful. “It was created to celebrate the artistic traditions of China and it still does that.” Unlike other trends that have bold elements liable to clash with each other, chinoiserie is exceptionally complementary and almost effortless to work with. Whether you’re using it as the base that will anchor your space, or embellishing your room with little accents, this is the ultimate style for versatility. “Layer chinoiserie elements with contrasting patterns in varying scale,” says Vera Meharg, Luxaflex Window Fashions marketing communications manager.

2023 trend forecast chinoiserie chic
(Credit: Will Horner)

Decorative details
This look is all about utilising the decorative elements that embody classic interior design while adding enough visual interest to draw the eye. “You can go as small as a dinner plate or as big as a whole room in chinoiserie wallpaper,” Elle explains. A great way to layer this look is to create contrast in your patterns. Try a tablecloth with a blue-on-white motif then pair it with curtains featuring a white-on-blue palette for variety.

“Chinoiserie captures the beauty of nature perfectly”

Vera Meharg, Luxaflex Window Fashions
2023 trend forecast chinoiserie chic round dining table with toile
(Credit: Will Horner)

Modern lens
While chinoiserie is a look with deep historical and cultural roots, there are many simple ways to add contemporary flair. Scalloped edges on furniture, arched silhouettes and simple, layered bedlinen can help to give the traditional trend a 21st-century makeover.

2023 trend forecast chinoiserie chic twin bedroom
(Credit: Will Horner)

Why is it trending?
Put simply, blue and white is a colour combination that will never go out of style. In recent years, we’ve seen this palette celebrated in Hamptons-inspired interiors, so it makes sense that we’re shifting from a laid-back coastal interpretation to the more layered look of chinoiserie. 

trend forecast 2023 chinoiserie chic dining table setting blue and white
(Credit: Will Horner)

“Simple everyday items, when pulled together in a group with repetition, make a stunning display”

Elle Lovelock, Home Beautiful editor in chief

Trend 3: Escape to the country

The ultimate aim of this trend is to recreate the sense of calm you feel on a quiet afternoon in the bush, watching the sun set over rolling paddocks as magpies trill their evocative songs. “It really takes inspiration from escaping the everyday and retreating to a tranquil country hideaway,” says Elle. Your approach to this can be literal, with motifs of native flora and fauna plus natural materials, or more abstract, inspired by the colours of the country. Ultimately, it’s a casual and low-maintenance trend as wrinkles in your linen tend to suit this look. As Elle suggests, “the more patina the better”.

2023 trend forecast escape to the country dining table banquette seat
(Credit: Alana Landsberry)

Sumptuous curves
For this trend, you’ll want curves in all the right places. “Curved and circular motifs bring a comforting, organic feel that is very calming,” explains Elle. Try this shape in your bedhead, banquette seating, chairs and tapware. Go for a single arch or repeat it in waves and scallops.

trend forecast 2023 escape to the country bedroom bedhead teal wainscoting walls
(Credit: Alana Landsberry)

Perfect palettes
Aim for sage green, the deep blue of the night sky and dusty pinks to reflect the visual spectrum of the bush. When it comes to natural materials, you can’t go wrong with timber, whether it’s as small as a bowl or as big as replacing your flooring. “Combine vintage pieces, blue-painted surfaces and patinated metals to create a space that embraces current trends while nodding to the past,” says Katrina. “We are seeing a shift away from modern tapware to more ornate, impactful pieces, these provincial style taps have an antique finish, made possible by brushed nickel or a brass finish,” says Kate McGlone, Winning Appliances group design manager.

2023 trend forecast escape to the country kitchen
(Credit: Alana Landsberry)

“This aesthetic creates a nostalgic feel, a sense of warmth and togetherness”

Kate McGlone, Winning Appliances

Why it is trending?
Over the past few years, people have been experiencing a lack of soul and solace in their urban environments. The Australian bush has a unique beauty compared to the natural landscapes of other countries, and it is one rich in inspiration – from the greys, blues and greens that make up the shades of gum leaves to the distinctive ochre of outback dirt. Whether an escape to the country is on the cards or simply a dream you’d like to incorporate in your urban dwelling, this look will help reconnect you to this country’s sacred land.

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