3 reasons why you need tiny succulents in your life

These are amazing and you can DIY!
Corinne Kutz via Unsplash

If you’re passionate about succulents and loving the trend for all things tiny, we have the answer for how to combine the two!

Our world is getting smaller and we seem to live life under a microscope these days, finding ourselves shrinking the minutiae of our life down to a manageable size. Perhaps this intriguing concept makes things more manageable in a way.

Gardening is a pleasure many enjoy but few have the space to really indulge. Tiny succulents may be the answer you are seeking.

Tiny succulents are slow growing but easy to propagate – they grow as brand new shoots beneath the mature leaves on an existing succulent plant. Single leaves will even throw roots and can be planted out to grow an entire new plant.

Australian Botanical Artist Lux Kokedama has a way with tiny succulents that not only sees them in all sorts of places you wouldn’t expect, turns the humble succulent into an artform…

Once you have a collection growing in your garden, let the fun begin!

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