5 style ideas to steal from yoga studios

Inspiration where you least expect it
Design ideas | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia

From colour palettes to storage solutions, take some interior inspiration from these chic, sleek and cleverly designed spaces.

1. Move Yoga, Melbourne

A floor-to-ceiling timber feature wall will make a statement in any home, introducing warmth and texture on a large scale ­– and thanks to a wide range of panelling and cladding on the market, they can be relatively easy to retrofit. Curved walls also help to soften a space, but are a lot more complex to install.

Interior Designer: Hecker Guthrie

Timber feature wall | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Earl Carter)

2. One Hot Yoga, Sydney

Simplify your study with a neutral palette, timber textures and plenty of desk space – reducing the clutter can help you to concentrate. Good lighting is also an essential, so consider hanging a pendant like this over your workspace for functionality and style in one.

Architect and Designer Rob Mills

Study inspiration | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia

3. Happy Melon, Melbourne

Stunning storage like this antique cabinet is ideal for keeping track of countless bits and bobs that don’t have a home of their own. Boxes and drawers are also a good solution for big families – this way there is a designated space for everyone’s school books and bags.

Storage solutions | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia

4. Humming Puppy, Sydney

A luxe, oversized couch like this custom creation encourages people to linger, making guests feel more comfortable in an instant. If you’re an endless entertainer (and you have the space) bigger is always better. A statement light can also help to set the style of the room

Architect Karen Abernethy

Design ideas | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Katherine Lu )

5. Good Vibes, Melbourne

Designed by owner Kirra Jamison with the help of her friend and architect Leo Dewitte, the Good Vibes studio is the perfect example of how built-in, well-hidden storage options help to keep things looking tidy and calm. Seek-out the dead space in your home, under stairs or behind doors, and install shelving to make to most of it. Pops of greenery will also breathe some life into your home.

Design ideas | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia

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