A buyer’s guide to beautiful bedheads

Create a focal point or inject colour and texture into your sleep space.
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Few understand the power of the humble bedhead. This underrated style tool can add colour, shape, texture, scale and weight to a room – all without embarking on a major bedroom makeover.

“Consumers are increasingly prioritising the bedroom as a sanctuary to unwind, which has given rise to restorative bedrooms, and bedheads help echo this calming and nurturing sentiment by adding colour and texture to a space,” says Heatherly Design founder and director, Georgie Leckey, whose business specialises in bedheads.

A bedhead can transform the look and feel of a room – choose one that reflects your style for longevity. (Credit: Jody D’Arcy)

1. Why is a bedhead necessary?

The styling opportunities presented by a bedhead are endless, says stylist Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors. “They are a brilliant way to frame a space and set the stage for the layout of your room. Bedheads supply texture, depending on what materials are used, and inject personality. They’ve come a long way from the straight, rectangular shapes of old, and now exist with curves, which work really well, given most rooms are square or rectangular,” she says.

“Bedheads add a bold and intentional style quality to a bedroom and are a great way to play with proportion or the dimensions of a room in order to create depth,” adds Georgie. “As the foundation of the bedroom, a bedhead should create a look that is entirely unique to the space. For example, a child’s bedroom might embrace playfulness and a youthful energy with a brighter colour palette, or a guestroom might incorporate a fabric that is abundant in mood-boosting tactility to create a warm welcome, while the main bedroom should balance aesthetic comfort with impeccable design for modern luxury.”

Soft curves and dusty tones are trending now. (Credit: Alana Landsbury)

2. Bedhead styles

Bedheads are a one-stop style solution for the bedroom. Add interest with intricate detailing, add warmth, texture and contrast with natural materials or strike a pose with a statement cut-out, curved or scallop detail. A bed with built-in headboard is an affordable alternative.

Bonnie boucle bed in ivory Heatherly Design
‘Bonnie’ boucle bed in Ivory, $2990/queen, Heatherly Design. (Credit: Martina Gemmola)

3. Bedhead trends

“Current trends are all about transforming the bedroom into the ultimate restorative space to soothe our muscles and our minds,” says Georgie. Timber bed frames and bedheads experienced a resurgence during the past decade when Scandinavian style reigned supreme, but Georgie says we’re now seeing a shift away from that.

“Curved silhouettes bring a serene element to bedroom interiors and soften the space, while buttery soft velvets and bouclé are still proving popular – these textural fabrics emphasise the cosiness craved by consumers. Fabric should be chosen not only for its beauty, but its durability,” says Georgie. “In the colour department, an earthy neutral palette of sesame, camel and eucalyptus not only creates tranquillity and harmony in the bedroom, but offers versatility across the seasons.”

Tie in your other soft furnishings for a cohesive look. (Credit: Ess Creative)

4. What to look for when buying a bedhead

Georgie has some tips for identifying a well-crafted bedhead. “The weight of a product often defines the quality and longevity of it, and attention to detail and functionality is key,” she says.

Future-proofing is also an important consideration. “Remember that freestanding bedheads can often be reupholstered, so you won’t be trapped into the one design forever,” says Julia. “The key to picking the right one is to decide upfront if it’s going to be the ‘feature’ of the space. If so, you can go a little wild with fabric options. If the bedhead is to simply frame a space and provide comfort, opt for a more conservative, colour-blocked bedhead. It’s important to decide this first, as it will inform your other decisions.”

Go bold! Pattern on colour on pattern. (Credit: Tim Salisbury)

5. Bedhead price guide

As with most things, you can spend as much as you like on a bedhead, depending on your budget and style needs. “The price variation is huge,” says Julia. “Anywhere from $500 to $5,000 is fair game.”

The best bedheads to shop in Australia

Yamba rattan bedhead with curved sides

‘Yamba’ rattan bedhead (queen), $479.99 (usually $599), Linen House

Softly curved at the corners, this elegant hand-woven rattan bedhead wraps around the head of your bed to create a cocoon of coastal calm. Available in king and queen size, pair with crisp white or soft pastel linens for a breath of fresh air in the bedroom, then move to moody terracotta and darker tones in the cooler months.


Rushworth’ bedhead in Black, $1599/queen, Provincial Home Living.

‘Rushworth’ bedhead in black (queen), $1899, Provincial Home Living

Style this bad boy up any way you like – country luxe, modern farmhouse or French provincial boudoir with the addition of your favourite and most sumptuous linens. The smokey colour keeps things contemporary, while a textured rattan inlay makes it lighter on both the eye and the movers. 


Havana rattan bedhead

Palm Cove Living ‘Havana’ curved rattan bedhead, from $699, Temple & Webster

Make waves with this textured rattan bedhead for a simple spin on Palm Springs style. Pop in a palm and layer up the coastal cool bedlinen to cocoon yourself in calm. 



Seashore silver brush Acacia bed frame (queen), $938.13, Hardtofind

Nail the modern farmhouse style with this black-framed beauty. With just the right mix of modern and rustic, we’d love to see this pale, silvery timber paired with fresh white linens to make the textured hardwood shine. The natural properties of Acacia wood imbue this timber with anti-fungal properties seeing it last a lifetime.


Cornermill ‘Elen’ shell bedhead in Caramel, $849/queen, Zanui.

Cornermill ‘Elen’ shell bedhead (queen) in caramel, $699 (usually $799), Temple & Webster

Curves, velvet and a soft shell pattern all combine for a touch of glamour in the bedroom. Adjustable legs offer flexibility to accentuate or downplay the silhouette and with five other colours to choose from, there’s no excuse not to get your Little Mermaid on. 



Melody bed frame in black, $699 (usually $1749), Brosa

Let the built-in curved bed head lull you to sleep beneath the stars. The Melody bed frame is in a classic black colourway that can be easily used to style up in any way you choose – plus, the solid structure lends a sophisticated silhouette to the bedroom.


Giselle’ bedhead in Flora charcoal velvet, from $1730/ queen, Heatherly Design.

‘Giselle’ bedhead in Flora charcoal velvet (queen), $1590, Heatherly Design

Giselle is the shape of this beautiful bedhead and you can choose from a smorgasbord of fabrics in a rainbow of colours, patterns, plaids and stripes to meet your mode. The decorating world is your oyster and a pleasing border of brass studs, your pearls.


Slumberland Square wing headboard in Nero, Snooze

‘Slumberland Square’ wing headboard in Nero (queen), $629 (usually $1049), Snooze

Sleek and statuesque, this headboard will hug your bed in style. Available in five neutral colours, there’s also a matching bed base to literally level up your bedroom style. 


‘Harlo’ bouclé bedhead, $499/queen, Life Interiors. 8. ‘Hugo’ wide panel bedhead in Buttermilk Tweed, $2770/queen, Globe West

‘Harlo’ bouclé bedhead (queen), $539.10 (usually $599), Life Interiors

We love boucle for its ability to appear both cuddly and contemporary. Perfect for the bedroom, particularly if you have boucle furnishings elsewhere in the home. Pop a matching cushion on an armchair to repeat the texture for a sophisticated touch. 


Ari’ bedhead in Rose, $599.99/queen, Linen House

‘Ari’ bedhead in Rose (queen), $527.99 (usually $659.99), Linen House

Elegant vertical panels make this tall and touchable velvet bedhead a sumptuous addition to the bedroom. The rosy pink velvet colour would sing against brass details and be as effective to absorb noise as it will to draw the upwards. 


‘Deco’ studded bedhead, $399/king, Early Settler.

Deco’ studded bedhead, $399 (usually $499), Early Settler

This lovely sage green art deco style bedhead tapers gently at the top to allow room for a pair of wall sconces to ready by. Studded detailing brings a metallic touch and would tie in nicely with a similar polished lamp base. 


Abbey linen and white framed bedhead

‘Abbey’ bedhead in 100% linen, from $929 (was $1089), Temple & Webster

With turned legs elevating a solid birch frame, classic natural linen brings a timeless look that will tend to French Provincial style and classic Hamptons or even contemporary country. 


4. ‘Isabelle’ bedhead in Bergen, $1199/queen, Provincial Home Living

‘Isabelle’ bedhead in Bergen, from $1199, Provincial Home Living

With a classic tufted button finish, this is the quintessential bedhead style befitting a Hamptons or heritage home interior style. Also available in Graphite and Natural linen colours, the addition of a matching ottoman would bring added luxe to the bedroom. 


By Designs ‘Elsie’ faux leather headboard with slipcover in Tan, $669/queen, Temple & Webster

‘Elsie’ faux leather headboard with slipcover in Tan, $499 (usually $549), Temple & Webster

Made in Australia, this streamlined take on industrial style can play up or down in the masculinity stakes. Take it from the soothing sages and pure whites of a modern country farmhouse to New York loft style with charcoal, slouchy linens and textured throw cushions. 


‘Hugo’ wide panel bedhead in Buttermilk Tweed, $2770/queen, Globe West

‘Hugo’ wide panel bedhead in Buttermilk Tweed, from $2065, Globe West

For a contemporary take on the panelled bedhead, horizontal lines can make a small bedroom appear wider. Natural linen can be reinvented in myriad ways to work in with the seasons. Pimp it with pink, play it down with masculine navy or keep it neutral with layers of crisp white and more natural linen tones. 


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