Aldi’s rocking chair sells out in one minute

We can’t believe it either!

If you were lining up for an Aldi rocking chair in the Special Buys yesterday morning and were disappointed, you’re not alone. In some stores, they sold out in 60 seconds!

Aldi’s rocking chair sells out in one minute | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Aldi)

The coveted rocking chair is a favourite for new Mums and Dads amongst Aldi fans, who were readying themselves to face the crowds and line up early at their local Aldi store, hoping to add it to their nursery.

Many stores have now instigated a ticketing system to manage crowds on Special Buys days where stock is limited and a crush is anticipated for high-demand products.

Aldi Chatswood sold out of the chair in 1 minute, leaving many customers disappointed. 

Some were lucky and beat the bunch, in some cases driving to multiple stores before they sold out.

Others styled up their buys on social media with pride.

One lucky buyer seems to have made an impulse purchase on the sought-after rocker, following a folding shopping trip to her Aldi store.

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