Sad laundry? Aldi’s new Special Buys range can fix that

And includes the return of a cult-favourite product.

Do you feel like you’re failing at laundry week after week? You’re definitely not alone, but Aldi’s upcoming Special Buys range (available in stores from July 16) can help with that. The collection has everything you need to power through wash day, including a 10kg washer, an 8kg heat pump dryer and a garment steamer and fabric shaver set for just $49.

But the item most likely to draw a crowd? The Strucket. Invented by a Gold Coast mum-of-three, The Strucket is essentially what you’d get if a sink and a bucket had a baby. It’s a bucket with a built-in strainer and plug, so it makes soaking and draining clothing a breeze and can also be useful in the kitchen for washing fruit and vegetables en masse.

Here are the top products we’ll be hunting for during our next Aldi trip to Aldi.

1. Strucket and straining bucket, $44.99

Aldi Laundry Special Buys


2. Double laundry hamper, $69.99

Aldi laundry double hamper

3. 10kg washer, $499 and 8kg heat pump dryer, $599

Aldi washer and dryer

4. Garment steamer and fabric shaver set, $49

Aldi garment steamer

5. Washing machine base unit with drawer, $79.99

Washing machine stand with drawer

The range drops on July 16 to Aldi stores, however, check stock levels at your local store here and be prepared for shipping delays to some areas.

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