Seven reasons to buy Australian made

And they make so much sense!

1. You can choose whatever fabric you like to cover your lounge – striped, plain, floral etc… and whatever colour when it’s made in Australia.

Ayers Dining Table

2. Need your table to be a specific length or height? Easy to choose the size that you want when you buy Australian-Made.

Pod Bookcase

3. You can choose which timber stain you like the best. This is your bookcase after all…

Lorissa chair

4. Every time you choose Australian-Made over overseas-made, you are making an investment in this country’s future.

Mac Bed Frame

5. If you want the height of your bed higher or lower, you can make that choice because it’s made in Australia and those options are easy.

Spindle Bed Frame

6.  With Australian-Made beds, you can choose the comfort level and type of filling, whether you favour a soft, medium or firm feel featuring foam, latex, feather or pocket spring support – the choice is entirely yours.

Mark Tuckey Bronte Rectangular Dining Table

7. Because the dining table your children grew up with will be the same table their children will use, and that same table will be passed down to their grandchildren who will be still sitting around it in a hundred years. That’s how good Australian-Made is.

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