The best large indoor pots and outdoor pots to make a statement

An easy fix to elevating your plant game.

Potted plants have the ability to transform any space – indoors or out – and the larger they are the more attention they demand. If you’re looking to make a statement at the entrance of your home, fill an empty corner indoors or bring your outdoor space to life, a large plant paired with a stunning oversized pot is worth the investment.

When choosing the perfect pot for your plant, work to the proportions of your plant but go for a pairing that works visually more than anything. Consider the mood you want and where the pot needs to sit in the room for optimum conditions for the plant. “There are no rules,” says artist Christina McLean of Trade the Mark, who hand throws all of the pots and planters she sells – making each one unique. “It depends structurally on the look of the plant – play around with different combinations until you find a good match.”

Pots come in all shapes and sizes: square, egg-shaped, cylindrical, urn-shaped. When choosing a pot, consider the plant, the size of the space you intend to place it and the style of your home. For example, a modern home will lend itself better to square or cylindrical designs. You can also add drip trays to pots that are meant for the outdoors, to bring them indoors.

Here, we round up a range of the best large indoor and outdoor pots to help you find the perfect style for your space…


Cecilia indoor/outdoor planter in white, $262.20 (usually $329), West Elm


Corten pot, $1395, (H 600mm x D 400mm), Robert Plumb


White Cefalu outdoor fibrestone planter, $119 (usually $99), Temple & Webster


Home Republic large Jasper timber tall pot, $169.99 (usually $118.99), Adairs


Middle of Nowhere Benny planter in Olive, $324, Life Interiors


L&M Home Mona iron plant pot, $108, Temple & Webster


Mid-century turned wood planter in Carved White, $219, West Elm


Mandalay natural pots, $59.99 (usually $41.99), Adairs


Raphael extra large tapered planter, $495, Papaya

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