DIY: How to give old furniture a stylish new look

Upcycle and re-purpose old furniture with our handy tips

A pre-loved, worn down piece of furniture needn’t end up in the bin. With a fresh coat of paint, it can be as good as new. Bunnings paint buyer David Woodford shares his tips on cost-effective ways to turn old items into stylish and tasteful decorations for your home.

New lease of life

To revive vintage pieces, a fresh coat of paint will do the trick. Clean the surface, prime it and then paint. Stylish, but also functional, chalkboard paint is a great way to keep little one’s entertained.


Fittings and furnishings

An easy, simple fix is to use metal spray paint on fittings for a quick facelift. If your cabinetry is looking worse for wear, a new coat of varnish will make them seem brand new. And for a whole new look and feel, try removable wallpaper. 


Second storage

Use old pieces of furniture and turn them into new storage options. An old ladder, for example, makes a handy and stylish towel rack.

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