First look at Ikea’s PS 2017 collection

A fun, stylish collection that challenges the future of design and provides functional pieces for city living

Bright, bold and daring are three things that come to mind when seeing Ikea’s PS 2017 collection. This is their 9th PS collection, and is made up of 17 talented designers from around the world. There are over 50 products to see including limited edition items.


At the helm of this collection is innovation and creativity tinged with accents that add drama to a space. Brilliant blues, rich greens, phoenix reds and radiant shades of orange and pink combined with crisp whites and soft greys.

(Credit: IKEA)

Challenging tradition, the range explores the future of design and how to make furnishings work in metropolitan living spaces. Easy to put together, the collection is for forward thinkers.


The pieces are functional and often have multiple uses like a folding sofa that can hang on a wall, a pillow that becomes a quilt or a self-watering pot that helps keeps unattended pots alive for up to two weeks.


(Credit: IKEA)

 The piece below, designed by Kate and Joel Booy of Studio Truly Truly, is a fun and clever design. The sofa is made up of a steel frame and 18 cushions. Each cushion can be strapped to the frame with metal hooks and the armrest can be mounted on the left or right making it versatile for different spaces.

(Credit: IKEA)

The collection is available from early February.

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