Five ways to design your home for comfortable living

There are a few the things you need to consider before building or renovating to ensure your home will be cosy and comfortable for years to come.
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Choosing the right building materials and having a detailed plan will allow you to create the home of your dreams. Here are the five things you should incorporate into your build for comfortable living, no matter if you’re building from scratch, adding an extension or renovating.

Building material

The key factors to consider are thermal properties, strength, durability, safety and aesthetics. A popular choice is Hebel as it is solid, strong and looks contemporary. It is also eco-friendly and designed with superior insulation qualities – perfect for cold, wintery nights to keep the heat in or hot summer days to keep it cool*. Hebel is ideal for bushfires zones, contains steel reinforcement and is excellent at keeping external noise out and reducing sound transference between floors and rooms.

Internal Design

Removing internal walls lets heat flow through the space to keep living areas warm during colder months. Open-plan layouts are ideal for this. Open spaces that include kitchen, dining and living rooms are not only temperature efficient but create a seamless and soothing space in which to relax or entertain.

Noise reduction

Another factor to take into consideration when building is noise, whether it is from a main road nearby, neighbours too close or maybe, you just don’t want to hear your teenager’s music. When building, use materials that are proven to absorb noise and design your kitchen and laundry to be the furthest away from bedrooms. Other quick fixes include rugs, runners and curtains to help absorb unwanted sound. 


Opt for low-maintenance flooring that looks beautiful and can be accentuated with rugs. To keep your home comfortable year-round, choose flooring that has thermal properties to prevent heat loss, such as the Hebel PowerFloor system. This will help during the cold or hot months to keep heating or cooling costs down. Another factor to consider is acoustic performance, as you don’t want to hear footsteps above your head all the time. 


The right lighting can transform a space and make it feel warm and inviting. Overhead lights or pendant lights are great ways to illuminate rooms while adding a stylish statement piece. Wall fixtures are great for creating ambience or highlighting a sculptural or architectural fixture while floor lamps and table lamps give off a soft glow which can be used for task lighting, or dimmed at the end of the day to create a relaxing haven.

*Tests have shown that Hebel panels have better insulation qualities than other masonry products.

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