Flower inspiration: Stunning winter blooms

This season, create living colour with sturdy species that will withstand a heated interior
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The change of season calls for new, hardier flowers in your home. For our winter arrangement we used a waterproof timber bowl to hold a mix of succulents and natives in pots, plus little vases filled with flowers and cut leaves. Combining cut with potted plants gives a variety of textures, and the leaves and blooms can be easily replaced as they die off.


A selection of robust blooms (Credit: Natalie Hunfalvay)

It’s a good idea to choose more robust flowers like natives and orchids, as these tend to survive better with the warmth of a heater in the room. Remember to water potted plants and top up the water in the vases regularly.  


Moss is a great way to cover all manner of sins, so once you’ve filled your large pot, layer with fresh moss – it still looks good when dried out, and creates the look of one large cohesive, extravagant arrangement

The perfect winter arrangement (Credit: Natalie Hunfalvay)

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