Four ways to use bricks in the home

Styling ideas for the interior and exterior of your home

If you’ve ever thought that brick is only ideal for exteriors, think again. We take a look at new ways to use brick inside and out.

Exterior walls

Starting with the most obvious, a brick exterior is a great choice for a number of reasons; they are low maintenance, help to control temperature and look great. Red brick has been a popular choice for years, but recently we’re seeing a move into new colours such as whites, greys, charcoals and grey-blues. Darker colours will create a more modern, edgy home while lighter colours aid a coastal feel.


Interior walls

With the right colour palette and furnishings, a feature wall inside your home can create character. We love the look of Austral Bricks San Selmo range, which has a distinctive rustic finish, perfect for creating tactile warmth in any living space. To create a modern look, pair with crisp white furnishings and metallic finishes to add edgy-glam, or lay in interesting patterns such as herringbone.


Outdoor fireplaces

Extend the life of your outdoor entertaining area with a brick fireplace. Opt for a tall sculptural piece as the focus of your space. Opt for a natural colour with a textured finish to create a natural, rustic look that invites you to cosy up with a thick throw and mug of hot chocolate. A cosy corner with outdoor seating, rugs and cushions and a roof to protect guests from the elements, is a wonderful addition to be enjoyed all year-round.


Brick screen

A brick screen is a great choice for zoning areas without separating them. Create a show-stopping entrance with a brick screen at the front of your home. Brick screens dapple sunlight and let air flow which makes them great for indoor use or near backyards or patios. Use a darker colour to create a sense of drama.

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