Furniture to invest in for your new home

The key pieces you should budget for

Moving into a brand new home or finally finishing your renovation calls for some big decision making where furniture is concerned. It’s a good idea to leave room in the budget to invest in several key pieces of furniture for the long term.

Before you cross the finish line and suffer from decision-making fatigue, plan for some big decisions with a view to furnish your home for the future.

The purchase of these pieces form both a decorating and functional role as your home comes together. Items such as a dining table, sofa and bed may seem like an enormous investment but these are pieces you won’t have to buy again for some time and, in some cases, ever. Style, comfort, warranty, manufacture materials and sustainability are all considerations here.


A dining table should be chosen with the end game in mind – be sure your choice matches other finishes in your home – flooring, architectural features and the overall palette and style you are aiming for. The flexibility to accommodate dinner party guests, as well as serve the family meals day–to–day without taking up too much space is also a consideration. The finish of the table needs to be up to the task too – daily family meals will take their toll on the surface and care and cleaning requirements must be manageable – a simple wipe down or the occasional waxing may be necessary.


Buying a sofa is also an integral part of the story of your home and forms another place where family and friends meet and connect on a regular basis. Be realistic about how much time you will spend on your sofa and what you do there. If it’s movie watching, conversation, sleeping, gaming or simply lounging, these activities will inform your decision making process around buying a sofa for the foreseeable future.


(Credit: King Living)

Modular sofas come into their own here as they are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing a seating arrangement to move and grow with your changing needs. King Living does modular extremely well with styles like the ‘Jasper’ featuring in homes for years and its style remaining evergreen. Being able to re-arrange the layout of your living room is a big plus. Select a style and colour scheme that is timeless and update with cushions and throws as the seasons change and to refresh the look. The comfort of a highly durable fabric and sturdy steel frame offered by the Plaza modular sofa from King Living will stand the test of time and flexibility.

(Credit: King Living)

 Your choice of bed is another major investment piece and one where you are faced with a number of considerations. Style, size, fabric finish and colour will all contribute to the overall interior decorating scheme, whilst mattress construction, materials, firmness and support will impact on your physical comfort. The new Sleep+ mattresses by King Living allow you to combine and adjust layers to create your ideal mattress. Work out the priorities with your partner and draw up a list of must-haves before you go shopping.


Elegance needn’t got by the wayside in finding furniture to meet all your demands. Look for designs that will stand the test of time and don’t be afraid to make a statement – invest in a piece that you have always coveted and buy with a view to the future. All King Living pieces have removable covers that can be removed for cleaning or replaced for a completely new look.


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