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7 new interior looks you’ll love (and how to get them)

When it comes to putting together a cohesive look for a room, people tend to fall into two categories. There are the Decorators, who are known for their destruction of home design magazines… tearing out pages and pinning them to mood boards (or, for the digitally inclined, spending endless hours making virtual boards on Pinterest). Then there are the Outsourcers, the decorators who’d prefer to leave it to someone else and call in the interior designers.

If you’re either of these, or even somewhere in between, getting the look you love just got a whole lot easier (and a lot more affordable). Easycraft, Australia’s leading manufacturer of decorative wall finishes, has joined forces with the interior designers at Cedar + Suede to create seven unique style guides that help you put together a space from the paint to the benchtops, flooring and hardware.

Each of the seven style guides offers clever inspiration for using Easycraft’s decorative panels with a range of other material finishes, such as flooring, benches, soft furnishings, paint and trims. It all starts with the decorative wall finish and paint colour.

Here’s how you can get the look.

1. Generosity

Colour base: Green.

The vibe: This look is luxurious and rich with a depth of colour you can really feel yourself sinking into. It has an opulence that’s elevated by rich, dark timber panelling, aged brass and tan or tobacco-toned leather. It has an old-world sophistication that evokes an era of exclusive clubs and a quiet, moneyed charm. It’s the perfect statement for a bold kitchen, elegant bedroom or cosy living room.

Green is a great statement colour for any room
(Credit: Chris Warnes)

2. Authenticity

Colour base: Earthy; think sage and terracotta.

The vibe: This colour base suits a number of home styles, but especially mid-century modern looks that favour a borderless design where the outside is invited in. The grounding colour palette references the natural landscape and celebrates its beauty, from our rich forests to the red centre of the outback. It’s an endlessly versatile palette that works well in any space. Think marbled stone, natural wool and pops of local colour from natives such as the wattle.

3. Elegance

Colour base: Blue

The vibe: Cool, calm and collected, blue is the most constant of the saturated colours. Its versatility makes it a reliable choice throughout the home, and it can be toned up or down to suit the lighting in any space. Rich navy creates elegance and calm simultaneously, and is elevated beautifully by brass metal finishes and rich, textured timbers. It pairs well with detail, so don’t be afraid of granite and mosaic tiling to add depth and interest.

Blue pairs well with natural materials
(Credit: Chris Warnes)

4. Drama

Colour base: Purple

The vibe: Nothing says ‘drama’ like purple. Confident, regal and bold, it’s the ideal hue for the confident colour curator. Whether you go moody in dark tones, or lighter and more mystical, purple ignites the imagination and elevates the spirit. Bring textural elements with soft woven carpet, the touch of natural leather and velvety soft furnishings. Add the ancient wonder of deeply veined stone finishes and the shine of marble. Add a blush-toned gleam with brushed rose gold tapware or handles.

5. Grace

Colour base: Light naturals

The vibe: A calm, neutral colour palette has long been a favourite of decorators who prefer their materials or details to do the talking. It’s a sophisticated neutral palette that gives off a soothing hum, capturing natural and interior lighting and letting shadows play as the day passes. Textural linens and rough-hewn cotton come to the fore in furnishings, while natural greens and greys work gently into cornices and flooring, and dark metal hardware brings contrast. It’s a perfect modern beach house look; think white timber panelling and Hamptons-esque detail

Hamptons style is clean, fresh, calm and neutral
(Credit: Brigid Arnott)

6. Loyal

Colour base: Charcoal/grey/black

The vibe: This timeless palette has become a classic that works in any home style. It’s a confident, masculine style that makes a self-assured statement in any combination. Dial up the dark side for a brooding, moody aesthetic. Think lead crystal hints, parquetry flooring and herringbone panelling. Tactile fabrics in wool and bold stripes bring definition to soft furnishings, and deeply marbled stone cements the look. 

7. Energetic

The colour palette: Peach and apricot

The vibe: This tropical colour palette is having a moment that’s proving it’s more than just a glorious sunset. It’s warm, spirited and fun and a step beyond the ubiquitous ‘millennial’ pink of the past few years. The Energetic palette is best used tonally and is a good choice for those who are confident with colour. As a paint scheme, it brings welcoming warmth to panelling, with an almost retro Scandi feel. Look for it in stone tiling, and pair it with copper metallic tones for hardware. Offset it with rust tones, while soft cream fabrics and plush wool sisal carpeting add depth and texture that bring the cosiness of this palette home.

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