Gold leaf DIY: Add glamour to your home

A fine coating of gold leaf brings a metallic lustre to everyday items, and can add a hint of Versailles-style grandeur

You will need

Stencil brush

Gold leaf size (a quality adhesive used for gilding); we used Jo Sonja’s Tannin Sealer

Small ceramic bowl; we found ours in a $2 store

Cotton gloves

Gold leaf or imitation gold leaf; we used AFC Gold Leaf Composition

Soft, dry paintbrush and small round-tip paintbrush

White acrylic gloss paint

How to

1. Using your stencil brush, dab a 1mm coat of gold leaf size onto the inside of bowl. Leave for 20-30 minutes, or until it becomes tacky.

2. Wearing cotton gloves, place gold leaf sheets onto the tacky area and press down gently. Set aside for a few hours to allow to dry.

3. Using a soft, dry brush, gently brush away the loose leaf. Using a small round-tip paintbrush, dab spots of white paint in a random pattern and allow to dry. Seal inside of bowl with your tannin sealer, or a clear acrylic spray, such as White Knight Crystal Clear Acrylic.

Note: This bowl is for decorative purposes only. To maintain, wipe clean with a dry cloth.

(Credit: Melissa Heath)

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