How to harness golden hour in your home decor

Channel the magic of a gently setting sun in spaces filled with earthy shades and nostalgic textures.
Kara Rosenlund

Cast your mind back to a favourite seaside holiday, and the delicious feeling of settling into a plush sofa, glass in hand, as the afternoon draws in. After a day in the white-bright beauty of surf and sun, there’s nothing more restful than watching the afternoon light, Midas-like, turn everything it touches to gold. This is Golden Hour. “It’s all about coming home, and embracing the coastal lifestyle with a 1970s nod,” says stylist Fiona Gould. “It’s a holiday at home, and it celebrates golden-brown as a colour on the rise, for its grounded and earthy qualities. Now that we spend more time at home, we’re moving away from white-on-white in favour of a space that feels warm and comforting.”

Harness texture in interior design

Introduce the soothing warmth of Golden Hour into your home through tactile elements such as timber, shell, linen, rattan and grasscloth. “Earthy tones of texture make spaces feel solid and transform an ordinary room into a primitive sanctuary which stirs our souls,” says photographer Kara Rosenlund, whose inviting home glows in these images. “Woven textures are also key to give a space soul and heart. Woven baskets and lampshades are the closest link we have to the natural world.”

Honey-toned timber glows as dusk nears, comforting as an embrace.

Nostalgic touches in interior styling

An undercurrent of 1970s California-Cool permeates Golden Hour, reminding us to take refuge in the remembrance of sun-kissed, simpler times, even as we look to brighter days ahead. Choose cushions in burnished shades of velvet, furniture or joinery with rattan panels and shell light pendants to infuse your interiors with the light-hearted simplicity of a ’70s summer.

Woven textures our connect spaces to nature and transport us carefree to a 1970s summer.

Go for grasscloth wallpaper

Your sleep zone is the perfect place to usher in the gentle rhythm of Golden Hour – try grasscloth wallpaper as a tactile feature wall behind your bed. “Textured wallpaper gives the sense of an established room,” says Kara. “I deliberately used darker shades of grasscloth in all the bedrooms of our house, as I wanted to create little dark havens and encourage a slow and gentle way to rise on the weekend mornings.”


“I love to display my favourite objects against the grasscloth walls, as all the natural elements are balanced by the wallpaper. Flowers, rattan, straw and timber all work perfectly with grasscloth. They speak the same language,” Kara Rosenlund, photographer & stylist

“One of the latest looks in window dressing is pairing blinds with sheer curtains,” says Vera Meharg, marketing communications manager, Luxaflex Window Fashions. It’s a combination that is ideal for Australia’s natural light and climate, while also adding depth and interest to a room.”

Cast a gentle glow with natural light

“To achieve a homely warm golden glow each evening, only use warm-white globes in lamps and light fittings,” advises Kara, who always uses dimmers. “I suppose, in a way, I mimic the direction of the sun – direct overhead light is too harsh, much like the midday sun, so always go for lamps and wall lights which are at the angle of a rising or setting sun.”


“Natural fibres reward you through the senses. Beautiful moments of touch can happen daily by how your skin feels against linen sheets, which have been dried by the sun, or how the sunshine reflects the natural textures of an upholstered bedhead or cushion,” Kara Rosenlund, photographer & stylist

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