How to bring French vintage style into your home

Moody hues and organic textures meet old-world charm for a romantic twist on classic Parisian style.
Dave Wheeler

Taking cues from the romance and whimsy of early French Provincial style, this trend tells a story of delicate femininity and classic elegance. “More than ever, Australians are turning away from fast furniture and embracing vintage pieces rich with meaning and history,” says HB style forecast director Fiona Gould.

“We want our homes to have unique character, and French interiors – especially Parisian style – embody a look we aspire to, even though, as Australians, we’re not often working with classic architecture in our homes. So we bring this feeling through with layers of vintage decorative pieces. It’s about making old new again.”

“Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling curtains create the illusion of larger windows and bring a real touch of visual luxury.” Vera Meharg, marketing communications manager, Luxaflex Window Fashions


Imagine the languid elegance of an aged, yet grand, Parisian abode by soft lamplight, and bring those dusky hues into your home. Earthy greys and neutrals contrast with striking blues and tawny tones to create a timeless foundation for layers of eclectic furniture, art and vintage treasures. Welcome the French Vintage trend into your living area with a rug in dusty rose, deep teal or traditional Parisian design, or a velvet sofa in rich chocolate.


“Draw inspiration from nature with a decorative mural that encapsulates a story of beauty and takes you on a journey.” Fiona Gould, style forecast style director


Paying homage to traditional landscape art, decorative murals take us on a journey into nature and into the past. Be bold and dress a wall in a mural-style wallpaper depicting a scene from nature in shadowy shades of grey. These exquisitely drawn designs lend a sense of grace and gravitas to any setting. Create a conversation starter in the spaces where you gather – such as a living, dining or a wine room – or cultivate a serene mood in your bedroom. If you’re not brave enough yet to turn over an entire wall, start small with a powder room or dressing room, or create a similar painterly quality with a gorgeous antique screen or curtains in a botanical print.


“Set the mood of a Parisian parlour, even within a contemporary setting, by confidently pairing antiques with modern pieces.” Fiona Gould, forecast style director

Tame stormy grey with a gentle touch of rose, then add the luxe appeal of velvet and grounding effect of rattan.


As its name suggests, French Vintage puts the past on a pedestal through curated vintage moments that work beautifully alongside contemporary pieces. Think an antique hall table with daintily turned legs paired with a minimalist-modern chaise longue, or an old-world crystal chandelier anchoring a contemporary dining space. Add a hint of French fancy to your familiar spaces by scouring online sellers for one-of-a-kind finds to make your heart (and home) sing.


Part of the beauty of this trend is the sense of ease it embodies through combinations of textures and materials. “Combining soft velvets with natural stone and handmade ceramics creates a style which feels relaxed and reinvented,” says style director Fiona. There are no strict rules – go with what you’re drawn to. Fashion a vignette of crystal and pewter curios to showcase on an organic-shaped timber side table, or, on a larger scale, team a rattan chair with an opulent rug and floor-skimming curtains.


“Set your creativity free when selecting artworks for your room. Panels of exquisitely designed wallpaper can work beautifully as unique pieces of art.” Elle Lovelock, Home Beautiful editor-in-chief

Layer your home with vintage pieces that tell a story of craftsmanship and beauty.

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