Decorating tips for dressing up your hallway

Easy advice from an interior designer.

A hallway is a hard space to dress up. It’s usually long, narrow and there isn’t a whole lot of room for fussy furniture or loud decorations. However, to leave the space empty makes it feel forgotten and hollow. Don’t treat your hallway as an afterthought, decorate it as you would any other room, just make a few adjustments so your style and personality can fit into a smaller space.

We consulted professional interior designer Krystal Sagona of design studio Interior Flow for her advice on dressing up a hallway. Use her tips and suggestions to transform your ho-hum hallway into a transition space with style, and remember, not everything has to be fussy. Oftentimes, simpler is better.

How important is good hallway design?

“A hallway is the first point of call that you and your guests step into at your home, and it needs to express a bit of your own personality,” says Krystal.

What are some great decorating ideas for hallways?

“A sense of arrival is important, try a fancy marble bowl to put your keys in and a hidden cupboard in the hallway to put your shoes and bag for the next day.”

“A hallway needs lighting with a bit of pizazz,” says Krystal. “Use a large feature pendant for shorter hallways, and in long hallways use three of the same light hung at a low level. To set the mood and show off a more modern décor, use wall lights at a low level for a calming day spa ambience.”

“Try decorative wall sconces at eye level above an antique feature sideboard with a decorative mirror above it. The mirror is both functional and aesthetic as you can check yourself out one more time before leaving the house.”

“Fresh flowers or a potted plant never go astray for fresh air in the hallway and adding life to the space. Decorative woven baskets are in at the moment and they’re a great way to style the plant pots in the entry. Group two or three oversize baskets, all in different sizes.”

What are some unexpected design features that look great in a hallway?

“For an unexpected wow-factor, use timber floorboards in a herringbone pattern in the hallway and throughout the house. Bluestone tiles laid in a herringbone pattern is more durable option that adds instant luxe to a hallway,” says Krystal. “Use dark paint with white architraves and ceiling for a dramatic and moody effect . Greenery looks stunning as a contrast against the dark paint and is a real WOW feature.”

“Use colour; Don’t be afraid to use light and dark contrasts for a dramatic moody effect or fun modernist theme with bright hues and minimalist timber decor .”

What are the most common mistakes of hallway decoration?

“When people don’t utilise the length of the space or treat the entry as an oppportunity for decoration, and to showcase the personality of the home,” says Krystal. “Don’t be afraid to select loud pendant lights because they can still be a timeless design feature.”

“Most of all, people seem to be afraid to take risks, or follow their personality, for fear of making a mistake, then end up not doing anything at all.”

This story originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens

Lead image by Trevor Kane Photography and Interior Flow Interior Design

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