Amazing transformation: from kerbside find to luxe Hamptons chairs

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While Hamptons style is hugely popular, it can be an expensive way to decorate your home.

One way to cut costs is to upcycle old furniture, and to have an eye for what can be transformed easily.

One savvy home decorator, Angelina Demchy, spotted a couple of chairs that had been left by the side of the road, and knew they would work in her Hamptons style home with just a few improvements.

“I was scrolling through Facebook one night and a post came up on my feed from our local pay it forward page,” Ange told Home Beautiful.

“A lady had put the chairs out on the side of the road. It was posted early in the morning, so I wasn’t thinking they would still be there – so I messaged. And they were still there! Obviously no one saw potential at all, so my hubby jumped in his Ute and went and collected them for me.”

Image supplied
(Credit: Image supplied)

Ange knew that with a little TLC and white paint, they would come up perfectly and fit the Hamptons theme of her home. 

“I gave them a sand down as they were quite rough on the arms,” she says.

“I used three coats of enamel in a semi gloss in vivid white – paint I already had – then finished with a spray can of Rustoleum in gloss white from Bunnings.”

Image supplied
(Credit: Image supplied)

The chair cushions are actually floor cushions from The Warehouse that fitted perfectly into the bottom of the chairs.

“I used an unused curtain from another area of my home to sew the back cushions and also wrapped that same fabric around the floor cushion,” she explains.

“It is a linen blend in a navy botanical print. Other cushions were from Harvey Furnishings and I already had them.

“Both chairs are displayed in my master bedroom – which has also just undergone a complete renovation. We are on the bank of the Waikato River in Hamilton – so it’s a perfect view out to the river from this little nook. A perfect spot for a coffee in the morning.”

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(Credit: Image supplied)

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