The new Hamptons: how to do Hamptons style with colour

Design expert Natalee Bowen reveals the tonal touches that make a Hamptons palette even more irrestistible.
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The quintessential colour palette of the Hamptons has always been blue and white. However, in recent years, this look has evolved, both in America and Australia.

The use of colour and layers is more prominent now, as we see people inject their unique personality and style into Hamptons-esque homes.

Through the use of fabrics, art, rugs and furniture upholstery, colour is guiding the individual’s own goal for the final look they crave!

Colour in a Hamptons home can be much more than blue and white. Follow your heart and make the look your very own.

(Credit: Photography: Tim Salisbury | Interior Design: Anna Spiro Design)

How to use colour in your Hamptons interior

Colour is not only found in soft furnishings but also in bold statement pieces such as a kitchen island bench, bathroom vanities and stunning furniture pieces such as consoles, chairs and tables. These bold statements are embraced more and more these days as we shed the boring and boast our uniqueness.

While the casual atmosphere of a Hamptons home is usually communicated through its neutral palette, neutral is now being used more as a grounding colour to accentuate more vibrant looks.

The opportunities with fabric are endless. Available in a delicious variety of patterns and textures, as well as a multitude of layers, this is the key to changing up your typical Hamptons style.

Blues are, of course, the staple colour of Hamptons, but the shade and tone of the colour may vary – from a soft duck-egg blue to its most vibrant cousin, cobalt. The navy and light blues are still a must-have but these two can collaborate with a range of other colours.

In her own home, Natalee has injected colour and texture into every room.

(Credit: Photography: Cath Muscat)

Types of Hamptons Style

Let’s start with the Classic Style. Here, we team deep blues with a lush green, showcased through floral and stripe patterns. This is an energised colour palette, with a flow between your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Tropical Style introduces warm caramel tones with a range of greens that ties in a plethora of palms to be used in this style of home. We see the tones generated in more geometric patterns than florals.

The Modern Style just about eliminates colour altogether and finds its balance in monotone greys and whites. This look is masculine and minimalist, relying on pops of black to enforce the statement style.

A Country Hamptons Style again begs for greens and caramels, working with natural elements to mirror the landscape. Wheat-coloured caramel with a soft green palette in winter is a heavenly match. This look depends on its floral designs to embrace the seasons.

An Australian Modern Coastal Style is seemingly stripped back from colour, with a base palette of neutrals and whites on whites. These tones can vary from warm to cool – both are embraced in this style.

The Nautical Classic Coastal Style is heavy on the navy and white contrast, and is favoured for its timeless, traditional effect. It utilises lots of stripe patterns and natural textures through rugs, fabric layers and art.

Your accent colours should give you energy and life. These homes are full of character from the moment you walk in. Above all else, never be afraid to mix tones and colourways. Colour should make you smile and feel like you never want to leave your home.

Natalee Bowen has been in the design industry for over 20 years. An interior designer and principal at Indah Island, Natalee’s award-winning work has been featured in magazines, social media and TV programs such as Dream Homes, Ready Set Reno, Luxury Homes Revealed, Best Houses Australia and Through the Front Gate.

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