4 key interior trends to know about in 2022

According to Home Beautiful's style experts, you'll love these decorating looks tomorrow and beyond.

It’s that time of year again, and we’re thrilled to present Home Beautiful’s annual trend, design and style special in association with Luxaflex, where we unveil the quintessential looks you’ll be coveting next year, and well into the future!

Our Trend Team, led by style director Fiona Gould, have uncovered four evocative trends to keep and eye on, each rich with story and character. From the gentle embrace of ‘Country Sunset’ to the whimsical romance of ‘French Vintage’, there’s a look that will speak to your heart and inspire you to reimagine your spaces.

Settle in with our tantalising taste of 2022 interior trends and prepare to reinvent your signature style.

1. the new mediterranean

Mediterranean styling has long been a pillar of Australian interiors, but change is in the air. “This is a fresh new take on classic Mediterranean style – it’s also the new coastal look,” says Fiona. Combining European influences seen throughout France, Spain, Italy and Greece, The New Med represents the evolution of a design mainstay.

Photographer: Brigid Arnott | Styling: Corina Koch

“The Mediterranean look is moving away from the modern white-on-white bohemian look to a much more eclectic, playful-meets-elegant and sophisticated style,” says Fiona. Hallmarks include mismatched vintage furniture, stripes, Murano glass, tumbled tiles and brass and wrought iron – yet still with a nod to that beloved blue-and-white colour palette. “We can’t travel to Europe, so we’re bringing a slice of it to us in a new, very creative and quirky way for our homes,” she adds.

“Unique pieces take the lead against a neutral colour palette in The New Med. Lend a stately touch to your bed with a canopy and valance, while classic stripes nod to the laidback luxury of a European summer idyll.” – Elle Lovelock, Home Beautiful editor-in-chief

Photographer: Brigid Arnott | Styling: Corina Koch

2. french vintage

Taking cues from the romance and whimsy of early French Provincial style, this trend tells a story of delicate femininity and classic elegance. “More than ever, Australians are turning away from fast furniture and embracing vintage pieces rich with meaning and history,” says Fiona.

Photographer: Dave Wheeler | Styling: Tess Thyregod

“We want our homes to have unique character, and French interiors – especially Parisian style – embody a look we aspire to, even though, as Australians, we’re not often working with classic architecture in our homes. So we bring this feeling through with layers of vintage decorative pieces. It’s about making old new again.”

“Set the mood of a Parisian parlour, even within a contemporary setting, by confidently pairing antiques with modern pieces.” – Fiona Gould, Style Forecast style director

Photographer: Dave Wheeler | Styling: Tess Thyregod

3. golden hour

Cast your mind back to a favourite seaside holiday, and the delicious feeling of settling into a plush sofa, glass in hand, as the afternoon draws in. After a day in the white-bright beauty of surf and sun, there’s nothing more restful than watching the afternoon light, Midas-like, turn everything it touches to gold. This is Golden Hour.

Photographer and stylist: Kara Rosenlund

“It’s all about coming home, and embracing the coastal lifestyle with a 1970s nod,” says Fiona. “It’s a holiday at home, and it celebrates golden-brown as a colour on the rise, for its grounded and earthy qualities. Now that we spend more time at home, we’re moving away from white-on-white in favour of a space that feels warm and comforting.”

“One of the latest looks in window dressing is pairing blinds with sheer curtains. It’s a combination that is ideal for Australia’s natural light and climate, while also adding depth and interest to a room.”

– Vera Meharg, marketing communications manager, Luxaflex Window Fashions

Photographer and stylist: Kara Rosenlund

4. country sunset

Inspired by the gentle hues of a summertime sunset in the bush, this trend “is about bringing a slice of the Australian countryside home with you, even when you’re a city dweller”, explains Fiona.

Photographer: Brigid Arnott | Styling: Tess Thyregod

Welcome dusky tones of rose into your home through furniture, cushions, rugs and curtains. Ultimately, embracing Country Sunset is an exercise in soothing the soul. “It’s soft, pretty, warm and inviting – a comforting hug of a colour that we can all do with in these times,” says Fiona.

“Curtains can transcend to create the illusion of height while adding warmth and softness to a room.” – Vera Meharg, marketing communications manager, Luxaflex Window Fashions

Photographer: Brigid Arnott | Styling: Tess Thyregod


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