How this year’s styling trends are breaking all the rules

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Forget everything you know about decorating your home, this year’s fashion trends are breaking all the rules.

The colours and styles we thought were designer no-gos have been reimagined in a way we never thought possible…and we kind of love it?

Interior designer Jacinta Parry walks us through the most popular styling trends at the moment.

70’s reemergence

Not unlike fashion, interior designers are currently taking inspiration from the 1970s.

Despite being recognised as confused and at times daggy, 70s home trends are currently being reworked to create a cosy yet refined look.

“We’re seeing a lot of the materials and colours from the 70s re-emerge only modernised and improved,” said Parry, adding that “cane, wicker, terracotta, peach, terrazzo, brass and velvet all make an appearance.”

According to Parry, the same goes with architectural styling.

“Simple styling where the art pieces are oversized and the interior simple with high-quality furniture and a few feature vessels to dress surfaces.”

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Brown and blue tones

Grey, white and black tones have been the trend for some time now, but prepare to ditch these safety-net colours.

It is a slow transition, but Parry says we can expect to see more blue and brown tones in homes in the near future, with grey being the catalyst for that change.

“We are seeing a lot of tone on tone interiors coming through which I love! You will actually notice they are swaying more towards the brown hues soft taupes, linens, white, beige which are all very subtle but lovely warm tones. Mixed in with some soft muted earthy tones and a bunch of dried foliage – gorgeous!” says Parry.

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(Credit: Freedom)

No more feature walls

Parry adds that the concept of a feature wall is being thrown out and instead, entire rooms will be painted in those colours.

“Feature walls are out but instead we are painting entire rooms in deeper colours which gives us so much warmth and cosiness,” says Parry.

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