Embrace handmade design with our round-up of the most exquisitely crafted and restored homeware

Each piece is a tribute to quality craftsmanship and creative vision.
Cath Muscat

Craft corner


Create a cosy living space with hand-carved timber and inviting textiles, each careful stitch evident to the eye.

(Credit: Cath Muscat)

One of a kind


Lovingly sculpted ceramics and papers retain the mark of their maker’s hands

Patterned flair


Contrast salvaged antiques with handmade prints for a study in intricate detail.

(Credit: Cath Muscat)

Aging gracefully


Match artfully weathered vintage pieces with earthy hues and natural materials

Theatrical feat


Dark hues create a dramatic backdrop for handcrafted wares that refuse to lie quietly

(Credit: Cath Muscat)

Heirloom designs


Made to be cherished, these whimsical treasures will fire imaginations for generations to come

Flights of fancy


Be inspired by nature – let the delicate hues of winged creatures guide your palette


(Credit: Cath Muscat)

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