Hotel inspiration: France’s Hotel Le Bailli de Suffren

If a trip to Europe is not quite on your horizon, dream away with us and be inspired by this beautiful hilltop hotel in St Tropez

Escape the neighbouring town of St Tropez to “a secret luxury” surrounded by lush vegetation and a breathtaking view of the crystal-clear Mediterranean. With unobstructed views of the Golden Islands, interior designer François Champsaur, from Marseille, spent six months perfecting the decor at Hotel Le Bailli de Suffren.

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Creating a peace-of-mind oasis through the quality services and unique surroundings, the pool captures the true essence of the town – a town that is blessed with 3000 hours of sunlight per year.

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Bringing in the spirit of the south to the classic 1960s-70s waterfront building, nestled between the rocks, interior designer François Champsaur gained inspiration from the distinct geographical aspects of the hotel. Bathing in natural light, each room is designed to create a gentle, poetic ambiance, mixing an array of materials – such as ceramic, cotton, terracotta, wicker and wood.

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Offering a gourmet experience, the chic but down-to-earth bistro “Loup de Mer” serves the vibrant flavours of Provence in a simple room with an enviable terrace. Making use of natural materials – such as redwood and pine, folding tables and wooden chairs – this restaurant offers an artful balance between the land and sea, both in decor and dining.

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The wooden frame in each room accentuates the view of the sea, as does the complementing custom-made royal blue armchair and blue ceiling. While the terrace, featuring two Vincent Sheppard chairs and 1950s retro coffee tables, invites guests to relax in this luxurious environment.

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Evoking the rustic cabin feel, the bathroom was also designed to echo the blue outdoors, enticing guests to indulge in the tranquil surroundings.

Visit France’s Hotel Le Bailli de Suffren or find more international hotel inspiration here.

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