House Rules 2017: What Andrew and Jono really thought of their study

Find out if the astroturf flooring and orange walls met the owners' expectations
House Rules

Andrew and Jono set the rules for their home renovation, stipulating that their bonus room would be a ‘Silicon Valley inspired study’. Sean and Ella decided not to do the bonus room and instead passed it on to Fiona and Nicole. Here’s what the boys thought of the space. 

Overall, Andrew and Jono thought the room met the Silicon Valley rule but questioned some of the finishes.

(Credit: House Rules)

They thought the Astroturf was fun but was it spot on? The boys weren’t sure. They liked the foosball table and thought it gave an indication of where the room was heading but had concerns over functionality.

(Credit: House Rules)

They felt the lack of storage was an issue, which judges also commented on. They pointed out that the unfinished paint job looked like Fiona and Nicole ran out of time to complete the walls.

(Credit: House Rules)

See the full home transformation here.

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