5 nut milk makers that are just so(y) good

Nut milk at the touch of a button? Sign us up.
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For those who partake in a dairy-free diet or simply prefer the taste of plant-based milks (as opposed to cow’s milk, for example), it should be no surprise that plant-based milks generally add a few dollars to your grocery bill. This is also evident when your morning coffee runs are 80 cents to a dollar more than those who order milk-based coffees.

While we’re not ready to throw plant-based milks out of the equation completely (because, after all, we still need our coffee…) – in the name of health and saving our hard-earned cash – finding ways to make our own nut milk is intriguing. But the question is, how do you make your own nut milk?

How do you make your own soy or nut milk?

Making your own nut milk at home is actually rather simple – with a short ingredient list (water and your preferred nut) and a bit of bravery, you’ll have fresh nut milk ready to be enjoyed.

Traditionally, making nut milk consists of the use of a heavy-duty blender to blend up your nuts and water and then sifting or squeezing this blended ‘nut mix’ through a fine strainer or cheesecloth to reveal silky-smooth (ish) nut milk. This process sounds simple – and is simple – but it can get messy. That’s why we have specialised nut milk makers to help us.

With the help of specialised nut-milk-making appliances (like the ones we’ll get to below), homemade nut milk can be ready at the touch of a button in less than five minutes. And with some models offering self-cleaning modes, you’ll wonder why you haven’t made your own nut milks all this time.


  1. Nutmixr oat, nut and soy milk maker, $269, Nutmixr (here’s why)
  2. Vegan Revolution nut milk maker, $180 (usually $329.95), Amazon (here’s why)
  3. SoyaJoy G5 8-in-1 milk maker, $199, Amazon (here’s why)

The best soy milk makers 2024


Nutmixr oat, nut and soy milk maker

$269 at Nutmixr

Turn raw ingredients into delicious plant-based milk in minutes with this small but mighty nut milk maker from Nutmixr. Whether you prefer oat, rice, soy, or coconut milk with your coffee, this unit can create fresh plant-based milk in just under five minutes. Plus, there is also a heat mode to make rice or soy milk.

The Nutmixr nut milk maker will help you create healthier, homemade nut milks that are free from preservatives, gums and/or oils (which are often found in packaged nut milks).

Key features:

  • Make nut milks in just under 5 minutes
  • Self cleaning mode
  • Heat mode for soy or rice milks


Vegan Revolution nut milk maker

$180 at Amazon

This nut milk maker by Vegan Revolution is popular amongst plant-based milk enthusiasts. This four-in-one unit will help you easily create non-dairy milk at home – choose from one of its preset programs, and you’re good to go. The Vegan Revolution nut milk maker features no frills, easy-to-use buttons so you can make your favourite recipes without a hitch.

Key features:

  • 4-in-1 machine
  • Simple intuitive button operation


SoyaJoy G5 8-in-1 milk maker

$199 at Amazon

The SoyaJoy G5 is more than a nut milk maker. You can create soy milk from soaked or dry beans, as well as other nut milks, raw blends, porridge, pureed soups and more. It features a capacious 1.6L cooking chamber crafted from stainless steel that is long-lasting and durable. Plus, with its intelligent sensors, you can rest assured that your precious nut milk creation will never boil over.

Key features:

  • Stainless steel 1.6L cooking chamber
  • 8-in-1 multi-maker – make soy milk from dry or soaked soybeans, nut milk, raw blends, porridge, pureed soups, and more.
  • Precision grinding funnel for maximal extraction
  • Intelligent sensors


Joyoung soy milk maker

$285 at Amazon

Joyoung is known for its high-quality soy milk makers, and this unit is no exception. Designed to create an array of different drink recipes from soy milk to porridge, you can master your own recipe easily with this intuitive unit. Praised for its quiet operation and silky-smooth milks by reviews on Amazon, this Joyoung soy milk maker is a high-quality option that is well worth considering.

Key features:

  • Touchscreen display
  • Preset recipe functions
  • Portable design


Chef’n nut milk maker

$84.43 at Amazon

Making your plant-based milks at home doesn’t need to be complicated – and this simple nut-milk maker from Chef’n is here to prove just that. Featuring a high-quality reusable filter and carafe, simply blend your preferred nuts in a separate blender and filter it with the Chef’n nut milk maker to reveal silky-smooth nut milk, ready to enjoy. Plus, it comes with a snap-on leak-proof silicone lid, so you can keep it in the fridge easily, too.

Key features:

  • Snap on leak-proof silicone lid
  • Easy to transport and store in fridge
  • Reusable filter

Is it worth it to make your own soy milk?

As mentioned, making your own soy milk is a lot easier than you think – with the help of a handy nut milk maker, of course. And like all homemade recipes, making your own soy milk means you know there are no ‘nasties’ like preservatives or additives. Plus, as the raw ingredient of soybeans are relatively affordable, you can make a large volume of soy milk for the same price of small carton of a supermarket-branded soy milk. In conclusion, it’s worth it to make your own soy milk if you have the right tools to do so.

Is a soy milk maker worth it?

Whether a kitchen appliance or gadget is ‘worth it’ depends on personal preference and needs. If you drink soy milk (or other plant-based milks) regularly, you may find that creating your own soy milk is not only nutritious but also cost-saving (bar the initial investment of the machine). Thus, making a soy milk maker is worth your money. However, if you dabble in plant-based milk on occasion, the up-front investment of a machine may not be worth it.

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