10 behind-the-scenes moments from HR that are making us laugh

In between renovations the judges and teams have so much fun on and off set!

On screen, it’s all hard graft and game face with the judges and contestants from House Rules. We turn the cameras around and take a look what really goes on behind the scenes.

1. Judges Wendy, Drew and LLB with shenanigans on the railway tracks in Josh and Brandon’s New York High Line themed zone during Jess and Jared’s Adelaide backyard makeover.

2. Apparently, someone told LLB this was a ‘gin fountain’!

3. Toad’s suit adjustment for tonight’s Grand Final is shared by Mandy on Instagram took some creative thinking!

4. Jess brings in a Ouija board to summon the resident ghost, Mrs Mitchell to judge the bonus room at Toad and Mandy’s home renovation.

5. Lights, camera, action!

6. Toad, true to his skylarking self, put cream cheese into Dave’s unattended boots…

7. If you’ve been wondering just how hard the teams work, watch this behind the scenes footage taken by Chiara for a shout out to Kim and Michelle as teams toil on site during the demo of their Tweed Heads home.

8. Behind the scenes on location with team members Jess and Jared, Kim and Michelle and a Josh taking a break on the guitar.

9. Watch past Toad’s coffee demonstration to the end of Michelle’s video as teams arrive in Melbourne to begin work on Leigh and Kristie’s renovation on the Mornington Peninsula – so much love!

10. A little glimpse behind the scenes as the gorgeous House Rules host Johanna Griggs prepares for the big Grand Final tonight – photobombed by Brandon!

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