Seven ways to create great kerb appeal

From modern to vintage, simple to structural, our best ideas to create an inviting exterior.
Armelle Habib

A front door is often the first thing people see when looking at your home’s exterior but there are ways to improve the kerb appeal before you get to the door. We’ve found seven ways to elevate the exterior of your home to draw buyers and visitors alike with charming good looks.

1. Celebrate the architectural heritage of your home

If you’re lucky enough to have a heritage home, celebrate its rich history by restoring or reinstating architectural details such as archways, fretwork and frieze detailing. Choose colours to highlight these details against other elements of the facade or make a statement with contrasting paint colours.

white cottage exterior
(Credit: Armelle Habib)

2. Establish a formal garden path

Kerb appeal ideas don’t stop at the street. A formal garden path is a sure way to entice visitors and buyers alike. Create the path from mixed materials such as crushed gravel and/or pavers in timber or stone, then apply a distinct edge to the path, leading from the kerb to your front steps or door. A larger front garden may allow for hedges to be planted on either side of your garden path for a more formal look, while a keen gardener might opt for colourful blooms or standard roses.

white cottage exterior garden path
(Credit: Helen Ward)

3. A painted gate

If your home is set back from the street with a gate or fence, one clever kerb appeal tip is to include a statement gate, painted in a bright pop of colour. This makes your home easy to spot on approach and can hint at your interior colour scheme or decorating style.

colourful city cottage with yellow front gate
(Credit: Tim Salisbury)

4. Paint it white

If you’re looking for a sure-fire winner in the kerb appeal stakes, you can’t go past a white home exterior. There’s also no better way to showcase your home’s architectural details – no matter the style. From Hamptons to coastal, country and cottage, a crisp white exterior against a lush garden landscape makes a delightful display.

white cottage exterior
(Credit: Brigid Arnott)

5. A stone feature wall

Feature walls aren’t only for the inside of your home. Think outside the box by adding a textured wall at your entrance to reflect the surrounding landscape and the design aesthetic indoors. Take some time to do your research, collect ideas and choose the type of stone, then play with a pattern that suits the style of your home.

modern white country farmhouse exterior
(Credit: Villa Styling)

6. A fabulous fence

It may seem obvious but a big boost to your front yard kerb appeal can come in the form of a sturdy fence. Sure, it hems in your garden and houses your mail, but is also a great opportunity to set the style for your home from the get-go. Time to get going with your paintbrush!

heritage home exterior with white picket fence
(Credit: Kristina Soljo)

7. Remember the roof

Look up! A tired roof is a tell-tale sign of wear and tear on your home and if left unchecked, leaks and broken tiles could lead to more serious problems. For instant kerb appeal, a new roof is a sound investment any way you look at it. 

brick house roof tranformation
(Credit: Chris Warnes)

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