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Three paving design styles to enhance your outdoor area

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Simon Whitbread

When it comes to hardscaping, there are a few universal features we all dream of: low maintenance, sturdiness, functionality and chicness. With tiles and pavers available in such a vast array of styles, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when choosing the right look for your area.

Rachel Gilding, product and communications specialist from Beaumont Tiles, is here to help. “The perfect option for your space will depend on your design and style,” says Rachel. Tiles and pavers can enhance your look, exemplifying your chosen aesthetic and allowing it to “flow seamlessly throughout your entire home.” To help you achieve your dream design, we’ve broken down three of Australia’s most popular styles so that you can recreate the look in your own space.

paved footpath with heritage home
If you home has ironwork lacing around the balcony or veranda, you can choose tiles to complement the colour or contrast against it. (Credit: Eckersley Garden Architecture)

1. Clean-cut contemporary paving style

Modern life is busy. We’re often stretched so thin that we want our home to feel like an escape. Contemporary style achieves this, with neutrality and simplicity creating an ideal haven. It’s important to focus on high levels of functionality with just the smallest touch of fuss. Rachel recommends leaning in to minimalism, with options such as Beaumont Tiles Omni Stone in Black serving as a stunning base for you to build upon with striking outdoor furniture and a pristine, manicured lawn. But restraint doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. “Using a careful splash of colour can be great in moderation,” she says. Rachel suggests Beaumont Tiles Australian Designer Emerald Mos glass gloss pool tile. “It will create a luxurious aesthetic contrast for your backyard with its stunning ocean blue tones.”

There’s no reason why a contemporary style should date. Streamlined silhouettes and neutral tones make this style a timeless one that can be easily updated to include trends without compromising on the design.

paved pool area landscape garden
There’s no reason why a contemporary style should date. (Credit: Simon Whitbread)

2. Heritage paving style

Period styling is all about elegance and familiarity – it makes bygone opulence approachable and achievable. Take French pattern paving – it’s a simple interlocking paving style that takes inspiration from the stone floors found in European palaces. “Symmetry and leading lines are typical of period style,” says Rachel. That’s why geometric patterns and earthy tones prove popular. Whichever hardscaping you choose, refined delicacy is the ultimate aim. Try for a durable material with sophisticated softness and don’t be afraid of character.

heritage home with patterned front verandah
Tiles are the perfect opportunity to marry together two key features of a period style facade.

3. Coastal paving style

Neutrals, white on white and a touch of cool tones create a Hamptons dream. This look is all about luxuriating in the summer sunshine and as such, a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces is essential. And with all that entertaining during the gloriously warm weather, so is temperature control. “Opt for light shades like travertine, limestone or sandstone,” suggests Rachel. “They’re 20-30 per cent cooler than stone or concrete pavers.” For a perfect blend of practicality and appearance, Rachel says you can’t go past neutral-coloured porcelain, like the Beaumont Tiles classic Riverstone in White or Pompeii in Crema.

coastal paving style outdoor room
(Credit: Ess Creative)

An outdoor entertaining area with plenty of room to relax are all classic elements of Hamptons style. Light tiles absorb less light, leading to cooler surface areas that look and feel all the more inviting.

alfresco area with outdoor furniture
“A neutral-coloured porcelain paver will create a dreamy Hamptons escape. An airy feeling of space is key,” says Rachel Gilding of Beaumont Tiles. (Credit: Villa Styling)

Try these:

Majorca Provincial tile in Grey

‘Majorca Provincial’ tile in Grey (20cm x 20cm), $49.95/sqm, Beaumont Tiles

Florence Stone Star tile in Grey (30cm x 30cm), $64.96/sqm, Beaumont Tiles.

Florence Stone Star tile in Grey (30cm x 30cm), $64.96/sqm, Beaumont Tiles.

Legend Sandstone porcelain paver in Natural (60cm x 60cm), $99/sqm, Beaumont Tiles.

Legend Sandstone porcelain paver in Natural (60cm x 60cm), $99/sqm, Beaumont Tiles.

‘Riverstone’ tile in White (60cm x 60cm), $99/sqm, Beaumont Tiles.

‘Riverstone’ tile in White (60cm x 60cm), $99/sqm, Beaumont Tiles.

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