A guide to using strong colours in the home

Tangerine, bold red, lemon yellow and rich blue; here's what you need to know when styling with colour

A splash of colour can completely transform a room. And because we know that different shades and hues can have very distinct effects on your home, we put together a guide to help you repaint and redecorate with confidence. 

Neutral base

A simple fresh white or muted beige can help keep the focus on a bright pop of colour and prevents the room from feeling visually cluttered. Metallic finishes are perfect in the kitchen as they reflect light.

Natural light

For darker colours, such as cobalt and black, lots of natural light will keep the space feeling airy and bright.


(Credit: Chris Warnes)


Use your feature colour more than once. If choosing a bold feature wall, integrate the same, or similar shade of colour into the cushions, utensils or furnishings to complete the look. For small spaces, a bold splash of paint can help make the area feel bigger by putting the focus on something other than the size. 

Ground it with texture

Adding a textural layer will prevent the feature from feeling flat and overly flashy. Pair sleek walls with textured fabrics to help it feel grounded and intimate.


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