How to get a better sale price for your home

Get maximum value for your home on sale day with these easy hacks
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The decision to put your home on the market is one of the biggest financial endeavours many people will make their entire lives. 

Getting the best possible price for your property on sale or at auction will allow you to take the next step and set you up financially for the years ahead.

How to get a better sale price for your home
(Credit: Natalie Hunfalvay)

Presenting your home to potential buyers with a view to how it ticks their financial goals is key to their decision-making process too. Any quick fixes, changes or improvements you can make before you bring it to market to improve its appeal might be the difference between a good price and a great price in the end.

Here are seven things to consider ahead of listing your property with an agent for sale:

1. Get an inspection

Inviting a professional real estate agent to inspect your home inside and out will alert you to any issues with your home that may have escaped your notice. Small issues to you may pose a larger problem for potential buyers and a fresh set of eyes on the property is essential.

2. Get your landscaping in order

Street appeal is everything in a house sale and it’s important to make a good impression with either a beautifully landscaped garden or a blank canvas for potential buyers to work from. Remove weeds from the lawn and/or garden beds and do away with large, unruly trees that block the front of the home. Tidy garden edges, corners and repair or replace a broken fence or letterbox.

How to get a better sale price for your home
(Credit: Cath Muscat)

3. Wash the exterior

A freshly cleaned exterior can bring new life to your home. For the relatively small investment of time and money to rent (or borrow) a power washer, your home can look like new. Remember to wash windows and take the time to clean paths and driveways with a high pressure hose too.

3. Declutter

The absence of your own belongings in your interior spaces is paramount to buyers seeing the potential for their own needs. Minimise the presence of clutter in every room and take the opportunity to get rid of stuff you don’t want. Leave surfaces, corners, kitchen benches and bathroom vanities clear.

How to get a better sale price for your home
(Credit: Cath Muscat)

5. Repaint in neutral colours

Your own choice of wall colour will not suit everyone. Repainting the walls in an off-white or warm grey will freshen your home and establish a blank canvas for potential buyers to work from to put their own decorating stamp on it.

6. Eliminate pet stains and odours

Often impossible to register to the homeowners themselves, it’s difficult to ignore pet odours when they are strong in a home. If you have animals be sure to ask trusted visitors and your estate agent for their frank opinion as to whether there is an odour that lingers.

7. Update the hardware

Buyers are less enthusiastic when faced with a dated décor and mouldy bathrooms. Simple DIY jobs that can be done in a weekend such as regrouting tiles and replacing tapware, door knobs and drawer handles are economical ways to make furniture and cabinetry look more modern and appealing.

Get the money you deserve for your home!


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