Five reasons every home needs a green wall inside

Vertical gardens look fab outdoors, but are equally gorgeous inside and offer a host of benefits

Green walls, or vertical gardens, are fast-growing in popularity due to their beauty and the positive effects that have on the environment. However, there are plenty of other benefits to growing an indoor green wall. 

Mark Paul from The Greenwall Company shares his top reasons for having a living wall and expert tips on how to create a vertical garden.

1. Vertical gardens are low-maintenance
The green wall system can be left to grow out and can be maintained a couple times a year, depending on the look you are after.

2. Living walls offer improved air quality
Green walls are a natural air-filter. The plants in the green wall help metabolise toxins in the air, while at the same time releasing oxygen into the air but at a much larger scale than regular potted plants.

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3. Green walls help reduce noise levels
When placed inside, green walls can help reduce noise levels. The indoor plants in the green wall block high frequency sounds and the structure it is built on can help reduce low frequency noise.

4. Indoor vertical gardens reduce energy costs
In the warmer months, green walls help cool the air through the process of evapotranspiration, which reduces the need for an air conditioner.

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5. Green walls help save water
At The Green Company we have created our own unique automated irrigation system, which is built into each of our installations. Over a 12-month period, a standard panel will only require the equivalent of 4.5 showers worth of water to maintain the wall.

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How to choose a green wall or vertical garden

“There are a few factors you should really consider when deciding on the type of green wall you choose, but also how to get the best and more importantly long-lasting result,” Mark says.

Before you hit go on the installation, make sure you have considered the following:

Plant selection is key to a long living green wall: Choose wisely in the first place and consult an expert.

• The aspect of the room is important: Keep in mind your plant wall needs a well-lit, well-ventilated location.

• I think a soil-less growing medium is best: Our medium supports the environment and is lighter-weight, so it won’t put additional stress on the wall structure.

• Fine-tune your watering system: Install irrigation to nurture the garden with the correct amount of watering year-round.

Get creative! While green walls are designed to help to beautify and reclaim the built environment, they’re also works of art. Make a stunning statement!

If you’re interested in having a green wall installed in your home, check out some of the designs at The Greenwall Company.


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