This is why your house doesn’t look like the pages of a magazine

Our new Style Editor takes the reins and shows us how it’s done
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Fiona Michelon knows her way around interiors. A stylist for over six years, her passion for homes evolved from her PR background – working with a lot of gorgeous interiors brands and magazines. She joins Home Beautiful magazine to head up our style team and bring you the best, latest and greatest products, trends, design directions and decorating deep dives.


Our new Style Editor takes the reins and shows us how it’s done

How different is styling a magazine shoot to decorating a house? 

“Although the basic style principles are the same, the approach is so very different! Styling a shot for a magazine is all about creating a beautiful photo with maximum impact from one aspect of a room, whereas styling a house for someone requires me to consider the home as a whole so that there is a nice flow and consistency throughout the rooms, keeping the homeowner in mind so that the space is functional and practical for their needs. Both are just as fun as each other though!”

What is your top tip for creating a beautiful vignette? 

“I always recommend sticking to an odd number (it just works!), varying the heights and materials, and including a keepsake or vintage item for a personal and unique touch.”

If you could describe your ideal home style in a sentence, what would it be?

“That’s the hardest question to answer because I love so many different styles! I always love homes that have a mix of old and new, a pop of colour, lots of texture and clever, unexpected details.”

What’s on top of your furniture wishlist right now?

‘The Togo settee has been on my wish list for as long as I can remember. It’s so iconic and ridiculously plush.”

What are you most excited about working on at HB?

“Umm, everything! I’m really excited to be able to help capture beautiful homes in their best light, to show people the latest products and trends in creative ways, and to work on the Style Forecast later this year!”

What is your best advice for creating a well-styled home?

“Never feel that you need to conform to a single style or trend, instead have fun with it and mix different pieces you really love to create a style that is truly yours.”

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