How to turn your home into a smart home

What you need to know about smart technology

Smart technology doesn’t just give your home that modern, cool edge, it eases daily tasks and makes your home more secure.

Somfy, a home automation company, has developed Somfy myLinkTM which is a smartphone app that controls all Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) products. It runs via a small, cordless unit, which is plugged directly into a powerpoint. The app lets you control all RTS motorised products like your lights, blinds, awnings and roller shutters even when you’re away from home.

Use a sun and wind sensor to set your blinds to open or close at a certain light level, or in changing weather conditions. When these changes are sensed, motorised window coverings will automatically retract or extend. For example, if the light level goes above a certain threshold, you can automate your blinds to come down assisting with reducing the load on air conditioning.

 The idea behind it is to make your home work for you – what more could you possibly want?

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