8 outdated decor trends that interiors experts say must go

Do you have any of these at home?

While interior design trends can be fun and may only last a season or two, there are a few that stick around maybe longer than they should.

We spoke to eight interiors experts to ask them which fads they would like to see go the way of the dodo, and why…

1 Dulux Antique White USA
“The one ‘fad colour’ I would love to see gone from the Dulux colour chart is Antique White USA. It is such a yellow-based white and it’s my least favourite white on the colour chart. Has been done to death and shows a complete lack of imagination by anyone who uses it today.” – Dominique McAdam, Design Consultant, Provincial Kitchens.

2 Highland cow prints
“I am fine if I don’t see another framed highland cow or aerial shot of Icebergs pool for the rest of my life. Done. To. Death.” – Stylist Jackie Brown

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3 Subway tiles
“I’m going to be a little controversial here and say subway tiles. I admit I used them three years ago in one of my own renos, but I am so over them! They’ve been done to death! I think smaller squares (like the 15cm ones I used in my own bathroom this year) or really large format tiles are nice alternatives.” – Jen Bishop, Interiors Addict

Jacqui Turk
Try small squares in your bathroom instead of subway tiles (Credit: Jacqui Turk)

4 Blush pink
“Stop the blush. Don’t get me wrong, I love blush but excessive amounts in your living room and bedroom are probably a bit tired and overdone. Try and replaced with more muted nudes and tans and also reduce the quantity seen throughout the home. Introduce other colours like sages with soft whites which can sit so nicely with smaller hints of blush.” – Catherine Heraghty, The Stables

5 Faux flowers
“Fake plants and florals are on their way out. People are (thankfully!) recognising how fresh and lovely it feels to have to real thing, which adds such lovely life to a space. A great alternative to buying florals regularly is picking some foliage from the yard to display. Fresh tropical leaves last quite a few weeks happily in a vase.” – Fiona Gould, Style Editor at Home Beautiful

Jody D'Arcy
Opt for easy-care plants or foliage over fake flowers (Credit: Jody D’Arcy)

6 ‘Trendy’ finishes
“When it comes to hard finishes like flooring, tiles and kitchens, being too trendy is a design trend that needs to be retired. With our awareness of the need for sustainability, it’s time to say goodbye to home design that won’t last the decade and instead invest in neutral, quality hard finishes that will remain current with passing trends. Reserve trends, colour and your personality for the non-fixed pieces in your home, like furniture and accessories.” – Zephyr and Stone.

7 Fake wood tiles
“I wish tiles that look like wood would disappear, also rose gold tapware and finally anything faux!” – Victoria Waters, Victoria Waters Design

8 Macramé
“One trend that has had its run is macramé or fibre art. With boho chic becoming all the rage in the past couple of years, we have hit a saturation point from woven wall hangings to plant holders and is now time to retire.” – Alisa and Lysandra, Design Duo and Block winners

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