An interior designer’s guide to blending design and tech at home

In conversation with Elle Lovelock.
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It goes without saying that tech is increasingly showing up in every room of the house, and it’s changing the way we live and feel in these spaces.

So, how can we maintain a sense of freedom and peace at home with appliances and smart devices all around us?

Home Beautiful editor Elle Lovelock caught up with interior designer and interior architect Cushla McFadden, director at Tom Mark Henry, to find out all about the future of design and tech.

As a director at Tom Mark Henry, Cushla is always looking for creative and innovative ideas to future-proof for her design projects — including ways to seamlessly integrate new appliances into beautiful spaces.

Watch our Q&A with the interior experts in the video above.


Design-forward technology

 “The use of technology can really highlight the success of a project,” Cushla McFadden tells Home Beautiful.

“To us, a successful project is having happy and fulfilled clients who live and work within environments we have designed that bring them joy and ease of living.”

It’s no secret that technology has the power to simplify and streamline our lives at home — whether it’s automating everyday tasks or scheduling the backyard lights. So, it plays a key role in the thinking of interior designers and interior architects.

“We believe if we are not innovating or coming up with a new idea for each project, then we are not fully exploring all avenues of our potential,” Cushla says.

“We are conscious not to re-use the same materials too many times, so we’re really interested in technology and how it is evolving in design to advance our practice.”

interior design and robot vacuum
Cushla McFadden, director at Tom Mark Henry, roadtests the new Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ robot vacuum. (Credit: Photography: Alana Landsberry / Styling: Jerrie-Joy)

New innovations in appliances

From sustainable materials to stylish appliances, tech-savvy innovations can factor into every area of the home — including the floor.

“Innovations like Dyson’s new robot vacuum can take some of that pressure off, knowing that it can keep your home clean for you, even when you are not home,” Cushla says of the Dyson 360 Vis Nav™.

There is also the opportunity to control and customise the schedule with a Smart Home app.

“We strive to be creative, innovative, and authentic in our approach and deliver a quality experience each time,” Cushla says, which is why it’s important that she embraces new innovations.

The future of home design and tech

“I love how tech integrations in the home make the little things a lot easier, which can make a big difference to the day-to-day. I’m excited by things like Smart Locks, and not having to fumble with keys,” the designer shares.

“Like the robot vacuum, many smart integrations in the home can be controlled via an app, and utilised at your own convenience even when you are not home — like security systems that allow you to turn lights on and off, or even speak to couriers remotely to advise them where to leave a parcel.”

It’s an exciting time for tech at home, and there’s no doubt that Dyson is at the forefront.   

Watch the video above to discover more about the future of design and tech in the home.

Brought to you by Dyson. The Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ costs $2,399 at and your local Dyson Demo store.   

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