Is this colour the new Millennial Pink?

Bask in the glow of 2018’s hottest new colour in interiors
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‘Gen-Z yellow’ is on everyone’s wishlist and we know why.

If you’re ready for a change from Millennial Pink, things are taking a turn towards the sun. The ‘It’ colour guard is changing and you’ll love where the pot of gold has landed in the rainbow – a warm, earthy glow of sunny gold that’s being dubbed “Gen-Z Yellow” and makes for a luscious smooth transition from the pink we’ve all come to love.

Is this colour the new Millennial Pink? | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Chris Warnes)

A more calming yellow to live with, it’s definitely a throwback to our vintage 70s childhoods and the Gen-Z crowd is embracing it and bringing it in to their own homes. “It reminds me of my childhood,” says HB senior stylist Rachel Peters, who is seeing the ochre, earthy tones seeping into interiors everywhere.

Rachel suggests bringing it onto your own home as an accent colour, rather than all over. 

“It’s a much more liveable yellow – more urban, muddier, not so poppy as you might expect a yellow to be”

Rachel Peters, HB senior stylist

Hand-dyed yarns are appearing in rugs, textural artworks and sumptuous fabrics, pairing beautifully with natural timbers and woven baskets – vintage tiles and rugged brickwork. Here’s a taste from the pages of some of our favourite designers and makers on Instagram.

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