Stylist Kara Rosenlund’s style secrets

The photographer, stylist, author, adventurer and homewares designer reveals a few of her favourite things
John Downs

We were thrilled to be invited into the wonderful home of Kara Rosenlund

(Credit: John Downs)

“My mantelpiece feels sentimental to me, as it’s home to all sorts of items and little treasures. Some are inexpensive, like the pebbles collected from the beach, whilst others – such as the old lantern found in Istanbul, or the antlers bought on the spur off the back of a deer stalker’s truck outside a pub in Scotland – remind me of my travels.”

“I just love everything about Africa; the light, the people, the vastness. I feel incredibly alive visiting”

Kara Rosenlund
(Credit: John Downs)

“Though I’d never collect new coral off the beach, this is a very old collection I’ve acquired. I love stumbling across discarded collections, there’s an intimacy to it and a sense of connection to the original owner.”

(Credit: John Downs)

“A kitchen is a creative, nurturing space, and that’s me. I love being in the kitchen cooking for friends and family. I collect vintage ‘kitchenalia’ because I like to cook with beautiful objects. They also feel good to hold as they’re made of real materials – timber, silver and bone.”

(Credit: John Downs)

“After travelling around Australia for my book Shelter: How Australians Live, I was inspired by the homes we unearthed, and launching the KR Lifestyle Collection was a way of continuing that conversation. It’s made from real materials by local craftspeople. This pompom tea cosy is a favourite.”

(Credit: John Downs)

“Our old Queenslander would have originally had a cast-iron tub – but as it had been lost along the way with previous owners, I sourced this one from a local salvage yard and had it re-enamelled. When I’m at home, a hot bath is my reward. A long soak recharges the batteries.”


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