This Kmart couch topper for your pet is breaking the internet!

Affordable, stylish and totally hackable!

The latest cult Kmart product is here.

You might want to sit down when you read this. Take a seat on your brand new sofa – the one you loathe to share with your furry friend for fear of what they leave behind – and brace yourself. Kmart has come to your rescue, again.

The pet quilted couch topper has swept the internet with Kmart- and pet-lovers alike falling for its stylish looks and genius ability to save your favourite furniture investment piece from the onslaught of pet hair, stains and scratches.

Priced at just $20, it’s already got a cult following, with Kmart fans already generating ideas for hacks for humans – along the lines of avoiding stains from fake tanning and messy children.

The newest cult Kmart product is here
(Credit: Kmart)

The quilted polyester fabric comes in a stylish grey tone that’s bang on trend and has a protective polypropylene bottom. Depending on the colour of your sofa, you might be lucky enough for it to blend in completely with your décor, however it’s a tone that will complement almost any interior – it might even match your pet’s own fur!

Hitting stores late in January and causing a buying frenzy, the product has already sold out, however Kmart promises “more stock is on the way”.

Watch this space and, in the meantime perhaps it’s a great idea to hack yourself while you’re waiting…?



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