This $10 Kmart hack means you’ll ALWAYS have somewhere to put your wine & chocolate while watching TV!

And anyone can do it!
Image: Kmart Mums Australia/Facebook

We’ve all been there. Sitting on the couch, enjoying your favourite TV show …. wishing that your wine and snacks were within reaching distance instead of having to lean ALL the way to the coffee table. 

Well, the clever ladies at the fabulous Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page have answered the call, coming up with this ingenious $10 hack that’s functional and stylish! 

Kmart hack to put your wine and chocolate  on sofa while watching TV
The rustic timber board will suit most lounge rooms! (Credit: Image: Kmart Mums Australia/Facebook)

Follower Mel came up with the smart idea using a small timber shelf available in the kitchenware section – and then simply unscrewing the legs and repositioning them to fit the arm of your couch. 

Fellow Kmart Mums Australia follower Joanna jumped onto the trend, posting her version of the hack – and doesn’t it look amazing?!

She writes: ‘I saw this hack a few months ago … but I’m really pleased with the $10 tray/stand. I unscrewed the legs and repositioned them, and now have a tray that won’t slip from the arm of the couch.’

Kmart hack to put your wine and chocolate  on sofa while watching TV
Joanna shows how she repositioned the stands underneath to fit the arm of her couch (Credit: Image: Kmart Mums Australia/Facebook)

The hack is obviously a hit with the other Kmart Mums who were blown away with the results. 

Wrote one: ‘Oh that’s brilliant I’ve been wanting something similar now I can on the cheap! Thank you!’ Added another: ‘GREAT idea!! I’m needing to do this.’

Added a third: ‘Genius!’

Kmart hack to put your wine and chocolate  on sofa while watching TV
Kmart Mums follower Mel came up with the idea, using this food serving stand! (Credit: Kmart)

We couldn’t agree more. And for more amazing ideas, make sure you’re following Kmart Mums Australia on Facebook!

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