A $15 Kmart folding tray gets a designer-style Hamptons look

Such a clever hack

The humble $15 Kmart folding serve tray got a fab upgrade when a passionate interior decorator transformed it using leftover paint and tiles.

Jo Marie Borrello from Perth is a huge fan of the Hamptons look and wanted to give the Kmart tray a makeover.

“All I really did was paint it, and add on some leftover marble tiles from my build, and now it matches my home perfectly,” she says.

(Credit: Kmart)

First, Jo lightly sanded every part of the tray and dusted it off, followed by a coat of Dulux primer.

She used a roller to smooth everything out, and once the primer had dried she repeated the process with two coats of white paint.

Lastly, she used Bianco Carraro mosaic tiles and a heavy adhesive to decorate the surface of the tray.

Jo Borrello
(Credit: Jo Borrello)
Jo Borrello
(Credit: Jo Borrello)

The makeover is perfect for a weekend project and you can also check out Jo’s instructions in the DIY highlights on her Instagram.

Jo has styled her folding tray with a beautiful decanter and candle but it would make the perfect serving tray for a special breakfast too.

Love the Hamptons look? Listen to our podcast on decorating Hamptons-style below.

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