Let these beautiful stencils bring happiness and love to your home

Travels to India inspired these gorgeous accessories
Yogini Divine Living Co

Inspired by their travels through India, Victoria-based friends Felicity Potter and Sandi Corstorphan teamed up and started Yogini Divine Living Co. A company that aims to bring happiness, love, peace and harmony to Australian homes.

Every morning, throughout their travels, Felicity and Sandi would witness local women decorate their homes, floors and surroundings with stunning hand-painted chalk designs. The two friends later learned that these designs were being created to welcome guests, divine spirits and good fortune to the home. The things they saw and experienced left a lasting impression and upon their return, the pair decided they needed a little creativity and change in their lives – Yogini was born. 

The Happiness Stencil (Credit: Yogini Divine Living Co)

“We believe that everybody can benefit from a little more love, happiness, peace and abundance, and the chalk drawings at our doorway every morning were a beautiful daily reminder of the blessings in life. We wanted to make it easy to replicate the beautiful artwork that motivated us on our travels, and share it with others,’ Felicity says about the inspiration behind Yogini’s mandala stencils.

The Love Stencil (Credit: Yogini Divine Living Co)

Yogini now offers a range of beautiful re-usable mandala stencils in a range of sizes (small, medium and large) signifying happiness, abundance, love and peace along with instructions on how to create wonderful designs on walls, floorboards, windows, cushions and even furniture.

The Happiness Stencil and Candle (Credit: Yogini Divine Living Co)

To compliment the effect of the stencils, you can also get yourself an all-natural, deliciously scented soy candle to bring a little more harmony to your home.

 “We have been truly humbled by the response we have had so far,” says Felicity and adds, “Sometimes the simple things in life can bring the most pleasure.“

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a bit more happiness and love in their lives?

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