Make your own Mother’s Day flower arrangement

Make Mum's day with a fabulous floral tribute
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    Make your own Mothers Day flower arrangement

Mother’s day is a great time to try your hand at arranging a bouquet that blends traditional and contemporary flower varieties. Start with good old-fashioned roses, carnations and sweet peas, then add a dahlia or two for some modern punch. Contrast the vibrancy of the blooms with a ceramic jug or vessel – a chic alternative to a glass vase.

1. Choose your flowers. Opt for in-season varieties and use a mix of colours that blend together, with a little pop of something bright.

2. Clean unwanted foliage from the stems. Cut stems. For a natural, freshly-picked look, keep stems at varying lengths. Distribute flowers around the jug, weaving stems together to hold the arrangement in place. Rotate the jug to ensure good colour distribution.

3. Keep adding to the jug until you’ve used all your flowers and the arrangement feels solid. And voila! A stunning, handmade and affordable bouquet.

Carnations, dahlias, sweet peas and David Austin roses form a lush, blousy bouquet (Credit: Natalie Hunfalvay)

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